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A Romantic Love Story:- Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are the best lovers in history. We listened to many stories regarding Romeo and Juliet in cartoons. Is that story real? Did Romeo and Juliet lead a happy life for life long? Is it a romantic or sad love story? Do they really exist? What is the real story between them? How many of love want to know their love story. I have a more focus on knowing their love story. Come on Guys, let us start their love story.

The story of Romeo and Juliet is not a real love story. It was a dramatic story written by William Shakesphere. He wrote this story many years ago.

Love story of Romeo and Juliet:-

The love story of Romeo and Juliet starts in a small village in Italy. Once, there were two families who were so powerful. Both of the families were enemies. They always try to fight too with one another. This fight has continued for many years. There was a prince in that small village whose name was 'Escalus'. Once the prince came to see the people of his village. At that time, he saw both the families fighting with each other with swords. The Prince stopped their fight by meddlesome in the middle. With the Prince's words, both the families kept calm and went to their home.

Afterwards, the Prince was so worried about both the families. He thought about the future of that village. The Prince got the news about Romeo and Juliet.

They were son and daughter of these powerful families. These names are very romantic to hear.

There was a girl born for Romeo. Without knowing this, he loved some other girl.

Romeo was in love with a woman. Her name is "Rosaline". Only Romeo loves him so much. Romeo is in a bad mood because her woman is going to marry another man. By listening to his words, his family members advised him to forget her. They told Romeo to move on with the time.

There was a person who wanted to marry Juliet. For this reason, he invited many royal families for lunch along with Juliet's family. Romeo also went to the summon because he knew that Rosaline was attending the summon.

At the party, Romeo took small glass of alcohol. The party started with the e performance and they just their partner on their own. Juliet wants to meet a true love. At the party, by chance, Juliet met Romeo.

Juliet is the daughter of their enemy. From there again the fight starts between the both families. Juliet fell in love with Romeo. Romeo tried so hard to marry Juliet. But the family members did not agree to the marriage.

One day, Romeo and Juliet married without knowing anyone. The battles between the families increased with marriage. Juliet's parents set a marriage for her with another man. They forced her to marry as their wish.

A friend of a Rome gave Juliet a plan to escape from the marriage. Juliet will take a poison which makes her dead for one day. After one day, she can start a new life with her husband. The plan was perfect.

Romeo felt despondent by hearing her death. The family members of Juliet did not Romeo to see his wife's dead body. Romeo attempted suicide by taking poison. Juliet also took the poison. They are both dead.

It is such a sad love story. This love story makes all of them cry. Can anyone know the real story of Romeo and Juliet. Let us see the real story will be the same as the cartoon love story.

William Shakesphere is the person who wrote this heart touching love story. He wrote this love story in 1597. This was a dramatic story.

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