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This term anxiety may feel like a heavy term to use.

Alternatively, this feeling anxiety might feel like an easy task to deal with and will not be taken seriously.

However, my dear readers, if you find this reading please take it into a note that anxiety is not something that you feel you can neglect or easily get over.

What is anxiety?

By what you have heard or known by someone else, anxiety means feeling nervous or afraid about something you are doing or about to do.

Although, that is partially right. Let us deep dive into it a little more and have a general awareness.

  • Let us imagine, if you are attending an interview it is prevalent for anybody to feel nervous or anxiety.

  • If you are getting ready to get up a stage in front of hundreds of people to give a performance, it is again normal to feel nervous or anxiety.

These types of scenarios are where it is ordinary to face anxiety as we are here afraid of how the result is going to be at the end.

As we know, the typical common anxiety symptoms are faster heart beat, over sweating, sometimes difficulty in remembering something we pretty much know about.

So when it is something like these common factors you are facing, there is no need to worry.

when is anxiety needed to be taken on a serious note?

According to mental health research studies, anxiety is a common factor where 30% of people are affected by it at some point in life.

But when you are

  • Always nervous about small things

  • Can not stop worrying

  • Cannot concentrate on anything

  • Having trouble in sleeping

  • Being irritable always

These are some serious signs where you need to find your anxiety on a serious note.

Types of anxiety disorders

  • Generalised anxiety disorder- When you are worrying about every small thing in daily life routine

  • Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD)- When you need everything to be right and neat. Even if something on a table is at an off angle, you cannot feel right until you set it straight

  • Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)- When you are not able to get over any abusive or traumatic incident from your life

  • Panic disorder- Frequent panic attacks, losing senses while constantly stressing upon something.

  • Social Anxiety disorder- When you feel left out during people's meetups and you do not want to be involved.

You should definitely need to open up about your anxiety and need medical assistance. Do not be shy about it and find an open space to open out your closed anxiety.

If you find anybody around you with these kinds of issues, lend them a helping hand out and some time along with trust.

Now-a-days even kids are facing anxiety issues, but when not found and treated early, they might grow up as well along with our kid's age.

If you find kids around you with symptoms like

  • Being clingy than usual

  • Frequently crying over nothing

  • Stomachache complaints all the time

  • Struggling to concentrate

  • Getting angry or sad all the time

Prevention is better than cure.

Be aware, Be brave, Be cautious!


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