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We know that Sunday is a holiday. All of them, we wait for the Sundays. We wait six days for this Sunday. All of them love to enjoy on Sundays. On Sundays, we just relax our minds and bodies. On this day, most people enjoy themselves with their families. Some of them go for picnics, trips etc.. Sunday is important for people who are doing jobs. If we do not have Sunday, we cannot spend time with their families. We face more stress and cannot complete our work or focus on it. Anyone know why we got Sunday as a holiday? What are the reasons behind this holiday? You will find answers to all your questions.

From ancient times, Sunday has been an important day for our ancestors. There are many stories about getting a holiday on Sunday. But there was a main reason for getting this holiday.


Sunday is just taken as important day not a holiday from A.D. Narayan Meghaji Lokhande is the reason for the holiday on Sunday. When the British were ruling India, the workers did not have any holiday. They had to all the days of the weekend. But, British used to take leave on Sundays and go to church.

The workers in the British empire endlessly need to work for the sake of Britishers. Among those workers, Narayan is one of the workers and the leader. Narayan thought that when he would get a chance to get a solution. He got a proposal for a holiday in front of the British army. The british did not accept the Narayan proposal.

Here the battle starts. The british did not accept his proposal. Then Narayan went against the British and fought for a holiday. Narayan fought for eight years with the British to get a holiday. After eight years of battle, the British declared a holiday for Indians in 1890.

It is shocking that the Indian government did not declare any holiday for India. This is how we got a holiday on Sunday.


Here there are also some reasons for getting a holiday. Every religion has its importance regarding Sunday. Comparing with other religions, Hindus and Christians have more importance.

In Hinduism, we call Sunday as Ravi week. On Sunday, Hindus worship the God Surya Bhagavan. Many people on this day, they will do poojas for the God Surya. Hindus have many values on this day.

Similar to Hindus, Christians also have an importance on this day. In the Bible, there are some stories regarding the importance of Sunday. Jesus is the God of Christians and there is some reason for Sunday.

On the death of Jesus, we honour that day as "Good Friday". They also believed that after burying Jesus' body, he again came alive after three days. That day is Sunday. Then Christians gave more importance to Sunday. Another story is Jesus created the world for six days. They thought that after working for six days, he took a rest on Sunday.


The countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey take Sunday as their first working day.

Sunday roast is the most common meal in the US.

In the US, alcohol sale is not allowed on Sundays.

For the US,Sunday is a Black Sunday. This is because a storm destroyed all the crops and houses.

In Ireland, Sunday is a "Blood Sunday" as it left a violent event in 1972.

The World honours this day as a Easter Sunday.

Sunday is a day to vote, fine for whistle, and end of golf tournaments.



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