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Bubblegum is one of our favourite things to eat, right?

We have heard a lot times in our childhood that bubblegums are harmful to our health. And we are asked not to eat or swallow bubblegums, right?

Let us have fun reading about bubblegums today.

How was bubblegum made?

Did you know bubblegum was made by mistake?

Yes, In 1928 when a person named Walter Diemer was experimenting on different recepies, he accidentally created a gum recepie with a pink coloured food colouring substance.

In ancient periods, there was a history going back into ancient Greek.

The ancient Greece people used to chew the natural resin material which was created by mastic trees to kill their boredom.

Though it had medicinal properties as it was a natural substance, later bubble gum was made with artificial synthetic substances.

Basic ingredients used to make chewing gums are

  • Gum base

  • Sweeteners

  • Softeners

  • Artificial flavours

  • Synthetic food colours

Chewing gums are usually made only for chewed but not for swallowing.

As it is not made for swallowing purpose it would not be very harmful if you swallow for once or twice once in a long time.

However, children's digestive system is weaker than adults, also it would be harmful if they swallow the chewing gum all the times they eat. Adult supervision along with precaution is needed.

Fun Fact: Do you know that chewing a particular flavoured gum while studying, and again chewing the same flavoured gum will actually help you memorize the previously studied topic.


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