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BUZZ-LIGHT YEAR review (blog).

So finally at long last they bring out a movie about Buzz Lightyear after years and years after the toy story movies were released.

I loved all of the toy story movies growing up watching them.

I was keen to go and see this new Light year movie and boy it did not disappoint.

It was amazing.

I love sci-fi movies and 3d movies so this movie was perfect.

In this movie you discover Buzz Light years origin story.

You ascertain about his past and what he went through.

The story is really well done and they play it out really well and I found it exciting to discover who the big robot guy was.

That was quite an exciting twist.

The concept of the movie apart from buzz Light year.

It’s about light speed space travel and that kind of relates about what’s happening in the real world now.

Plainly we are trying to find ways to go out further into space and trying to discover ways to be able to travel at light speed so yeah very good.

The life and CGI was amazing and all of the actors/actresses who were voicing the characters did an amazing job. You had Chris Evans who was voicing Buzz Lightyear and you also have Taika Waititi voicing Mo Morrison and you have Keke Palmer who voices Izzy Hawthorne, so yes, amazing casting.

Moreover, I loved the little cat Soc voiced by Peter Sohn. He was amazing and so cute. And yeah it’s just a amazing movie and also stick around for the post credit scene and for the other two scenes after all of the credits too because they point towards a sequel.

So yeah overall I in spades recommend that you go and watch this movie whether you go and see it with your kids and family or whether you just go and see it by yourself it’s suitable for all ages.

And if you haven’t seen any of the toy story movies then go and watch them because they are all amazing too.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them movies or this I mean I’m a adult and I really enjoyed this movie even if I hadn’t watched.

The toy story movies probably still would have seen this anyways because it’s not just for kids anyone at any age can enjoy this so yeah.

Also, go and see it in 4DX if you can because that just makes the undergo so much better and more fun.

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