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Today, taking photos has become furious. Many of the girls show more interest in taking a photograph. Photograph has been famous from ancient times to today.


Photograph is an art of producing wonderful images. It includes light, radiant energy etc.. Photograph creates an image in within a few minutes. To take a photograph, a person needs increasing practice. The exact meaning of a Photograph is taking wonderful images.


A photograph inspires us to achieve many of our goals, travel, and observe moments.

A photograph gives voice to the qualities of the person. It also explains the feelings of a person.

It is important to take photos because it remains us beautiful memories.

With the help of an image, one knows the complete history of an image.

Every photograph will have an unknown story.

We can also express our feelings to our loved ones from an image.

One can build strong bonding with these pictures too.


In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce took his first photograph. Joseph gave a name "View from the Window at his family's country home". He is often called the father of Po-trait. The first photograph shows the sunlight reflecting on the both sides of the building.


In recent years, cameras are more expensive to buy from ancient times to today. A camera is a digital device. We use it to capture pictures. In cameras, we use the light, lens, glass, fluorite etc.. These cameras mostly use sensor applied science. They are charge-coupled device(CCD), electron-multiplied CCD(EMCCD), and completing CMOS.

The below shown is the camera used to take the first photograph by Joseph. For Joseph, It took eight hours to take the above image.


In 1839, the camera used most often was Monochrome. This camera contains metal plates. This camera was costly, time-consuming, messy in ancient days.

The below figure shows the Monochrome camera.


Kodak is a type of camera used to take films. George Eastman is the first person to discover this Kodak camera. It is easy to use a camera. George made many films that attracted beginners, and line of work portrait s using Kodak.


We mostly see this type of camera's in every hand. An SLR(Single Lens- Reflex) is a camera with the mirror and a prism(reflex mirror). In this camera we use twin reflex mirrors, to capture an image. These mirrors help us to take a high quality picture. Thomas Sutton is the first person who discovered the SLR's camera in 1861.

This SLR camera contains Lens elements, Reflex Mirror, Shutter, Film/sensor, Focusing screen etc...


Every picture will have a deep meaning if we read with our heart. The above figure explains the little story of a girl who is more depressed. In the image, an eye is full of tears. Even a girl is crying.

In the public, there is no protection and a secure for a girl. Anyone cannot understand the pain of a girl's heart. Girls are getting raped by many of the rapists. The public had a terrible opinion of the girls. In this social club, girls are facing many problems. They cannot even share with their own parents.

The main problem is the depression for the girls. The common problems for the girls are suicide, bullying, depression etc..

Social club sees every girl with a bad eye and gets raped. Most of the girls attempt suicide to get rid of all these problems.

Some girls are terrible in character like drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs etc.. This is effecting the character of a good girl in social club.

In school, every girl faces a situation of getting bullied by other classmates. If a girl is quiet and talks less, she is co-found by the public.

If a girl talks and laughs more, she was a talkative. Like this, girls face many problems in this social club.

In ancient times, girls got married at a minor age. At that time, a girl must die if her husband was dead. She was not allowed to study. Some girls are not allowed to roam in the public because of their appearance. Girls are facing many challenges in the public. With all these problems, women are standing in first place in every aspect.

There are many successful women who were at high positions by defeat many problems.

Every girl dislikes her life and attempts suicide. Girl is a future mother. Without a girl there is no birth and death. Without a girl, there is no future.

So boys please respect and care like your mother. They are the future mothers.

This is what the above image explains to us. If we concentrate more, then nothing is more difficult to understand.

In Chapter 2, Let us discuss the different types of photographs, the uses of cameras.


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