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Coca Cola

Coca-cola has been one of the most famous and most consumed beverages in the world since the late 18th century.

However, there are quite a few replicas produced of this drink, but coca-cola is known for its original brand and taste from quite a few decades.

Today, let us have a brief facts session about coca-cola and its company.

Origin of coca-cola

  • In the late 18th century, a colonel named John Pemberton, who was addicted to morphine drugs was on restriction due to his injuries. As he had a medical degree too, he found a recipe for a drink with coca wine and kola nut for caffeine.

  • Later it was presented as kola-coca, a spanish drink which a year later in 1886 the official birth of "coca-cola" took place. Later this spanish drink rights were brought by coca-cola in 1953.

  • During the 1880's there was a belief that carbonated water was good for health.

  • Later in 1886, pemberton's new drink infused with carbonated water started getting popular and was sold as a cure for many diseases with patents like drug addictions, nerve disorders, headaches etc.

  • In 1888, after the death of Pemberton, Asa chandler approached the Pemberton family and brought the rights of coca-cola for $300, and later became sole proprietor of coca-cola brand and company.

  • Do you know the fact that coca-cola is sold all over the world except in North Korea and Cuba countries? They are not legally sold in these two countries till date.

  • The recipe is still kept as one of the top secrets of the company.

  • In 1985, the company tried to change the original recepie, but they received a huge backlash from the consumers. So they came back to the old recipe again with the name coca-cola classic within a few months.

  • The new coke was still available named Coke II from 1992 till 2002, and later discontinued.

  • The list of ingredients which are known to be used in the coca-cola formula are

  • Carbonated water

  • Sugar

  • Caffeine

  • Artificial/natural flavourings

  • Food colouring

  • Sodium

  • Phosphoric acid

  • There was one point of time, where coca-cola was sold cheaper than water in the western countries.

  • Coca-cola was known for its production of glass bottles in which coca-cola is served.

  • Coca-cola has introduced various versions of its drink, including fruit flavourings and no-calorie versions known as Diet coke and coca-cola zero.

  • Even after more than a century, coca-cola is still a leading beverage production company and also known for its sales all over the world.

  • Heavy consumption might not give good results in health, but once in a while coca-cola serves as a great companion along side tasty and heavy dishes like Biriyani, Fried chicken and many more.


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