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Coffee is a well-known delicious delicacy to everybody worldwide. coffee is a beverage which is brewed from roasted coffee beans which smells divine. There are a lot of people who wake up with the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee and kick start their day with a great deal of energy.

How did coffee originate?

There is a pretty fun story about the origin of coffee. Coffee was in the first place found in Arab countries. During the 16th century, Once an Arab king who was having a bath in his deluxe bath tub noticed a fragrant smell which was new to him and later he noticed a few leaves which flew into his bath tub and the leaves soaking into the water releasing its flavour and aroma into it also leaving a good taste in his mouth.

From then the coffee came into lime-light and shortly became a popular brewed beverage among the arab country.

Arab countries did not want other countries to grow coffee and it was considered smuggling if there was any export of coffee beans took place.

How did India grow its coffee base?

A south indian named Baba Budan once went on a trip to Mecca and tried this local famous drink named coffee. He fell in love with it and wanted to brew it back at his home too. But as it was considered as smuggling if coffee beans were exported, he found out that the raw green seeds are used to grow coffee plants and he smuggled seven green coffee beans hidden in his thick long beard and imported them to India. He planted the seeds near chikmangaluru hill area which is in Karnataka, has officially began its coffee produce gradually.

Now, Globally India stands in 7th rank in world coffee production and karnataka produces 70 percent of coffee from India's produce.

Nutritional facts

  • Coffee is low in Sugar and Cholesterol.

  • Coffee is high in Caffiene and Potassium levels, which are the reason behind the instant energy coffee gives us.

  • Since coffee tastes strong and dark, sugar is added to make coffee a little sweeter along with our day after having it.

  • Fun fact: If you are on a no-sugar diet, Apple is a great substitute for coffee.Though it might not feel as great and hot as coffee, Apple contains more caffeine levels compared to coffee.

"An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away" so why not? :)

Which coffee is tastier?

The answer to this question would be...........

Are you serious? Coffee itself is tasty, then why compare types of coffee and decide which one tastes better?

Whether it is a Latte or espresso, a mocha or a cappuccino, a hot or a cold coffee, Starbucks or an instant coffee, enjoy it according to your taste and the climate. Coffee is a magical brewed drink.

Is Coffee better or Is Tea better?

There has been a debate among coffee and tea lovers about whether coffee is greater than tea or tea is greater than coffee. Coming to the resolution of it,

It would totally depend on an individual perspective.

If person A loves coffee, he would agree with coffee tasting better than tea.

If person B loves tea, he would agree with tea tasting better than coffee.

So, whether it is a Hot Coffee along with a biscuit, or it is a Hot Tea along with a biscuit

suit yourself with a cup full of flavour and peace.


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