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Darth Vader – A misunderstood Anti hero/ Villain

Born on a planet named TATOOINE, Vader is actually known as Anakin Skywalker. He spent his childhood with his mother as a slave to a junk dealer named Watto. When he was nine he encountered two jedi knights named Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The jedi knights felt something from a nine years kid which they call “Force” and that is strong in him. They believed that this kid could bring balance throughout the universe or throughout the entire cosmos.

They placed a bet on him as he would play in the inter galactic pod races and if he wins, he will be parting ways with his slavery. Finally, he won the race and the jedi knights along with a woman named Padme amidala and a gungan species named jar-jar binks, took him to a planet named NABOO. There they learned that the woman who has been accompanying them all the way through their journey is actually the princess of Naboo who disguised herself as one of her maids and helped them reach the city which was overrun by greedy merchants from the space.

The jedi knights helped the soldiers of Naboo in driving the robots off the planet but they were confronted by a sith disciple named “DARTH MAUL” who was also a jedi but turned towards the darkside of the force. Then they both fought bravely against him as Anakin tried to help them by flying a spaceship which was in the base. He got help with a robot named R2-D2 which was a combat efficient droid and can store large amounts of data in it. Anakin helped the soldiers in destroying droids which were retreating to their respective bases.

Later, he reached the royal palace and got to know that one of the jedi knights, Qui-Gon Jinn, was killed by darth maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi blew the final stroke on him with his weapon, a light saber, and cuts him in half and thus killing him permanently. Obi-Wan Kenobi takes Anakin to a planet named Coruscant where the jedi high council is located and also a home base to the jedi grand temple which helps in training younglings who has the power of force in them.

Obi-Wan specifically monitors Anakin and makes him his Padawan, which is also called as his student. The council finally agrees to let him train the young skywalker and leaves him under the watchful eyes of Obi-Wan.

After some years, Anakin trains ferociously and becomes a jedi knight where him and his mentor obi-Wan Kenobi crosses path with a dangerous individual droid named General Grievous, they quickly came to know about the kidnapping of the chancellor Palpatine. Obi wan and Anakin helps him from being killed but in doing so they learns about a mysterious species who are working for the galactic republic.

Before they could know about them, a bounty hunter named Jango fett stops them and distracts them from the species. Finally obi wan finds the planet where the mysterious species lives and goes on a journey to find what they are doing. Anakin finds himself being attracted to padme but she refuses him. He still finds her attractive, but before he could express his feelings, obi wan returns with a message that a vile danger is upon them in the form of a man named Count Dooku. They go to a remote planet where gladiator matches are held and the trio which involved Obi wan, Anakin and Padme were trapped by count dooku with the help of rogue jedis. But finally a master jedi named, yoda, helps them with a new army of clones which obi wan finds on the mysterious planet who all looks like the bounty hunter Jango fett.

Later Anakin gets to know about them as allies and he clears his doubt about them. But he really wanted to confess his feelings to padme and was happy to learn about her own feelings about him which are positive. It’s a rule for a jedi to not involve with any species. But Anakin secretly married her and they both tried to live happily until they heard about a dangerous situation which was created by the dark sith lord, The Emperor. He ordered the clones to kill all the jedis that are with them and Anakin turns towards chancellor palpatine to help him and his wife, who he already knows about. Palpatine warned Anakin about the manipulations that the jedi had on him and asked Anakin to tell them that he is indeed the sith lord.

Anakin was shocked but he tells that to a jedi master named MACE WINDU, who in the beginning refused Anakin a place at the high council along with several masters when Anakin asked about a position among them. Mace windu tried to kill palpatine but he was killed by Anakin who was devastated to know that the jedis are master manipulators who tried to rob him from his life. Now as the situation turned to his favor, Palpatine or also known as The Emperor, tricked him into saying that he can save his wife who was pregnant.

And he can save them both from the jedis. Anakin agrees to do whatever he wants and then The emperors original game comes into view. He changes anakin’s name into DARTH VADER as he was completely turned to the dark side of the force and orders him to kill the remaining jedis and younglings in the temple. Anakin obeys his order and kills them all but in the end he was completely devastated to learn that his wife turned her back on him and helped his mentor Kenobi about his location.

In an epic battle between the jedis of two sides, Obi-wan has won the battle but he was drenched in sadness as he saw Anakin on his knees which were burned. He also seen hot lava flowing near him which burned his skin and killing him. Obi-Wan who treated Anakin as his son turned his head and walked towards the spaceship where padme is conceiving. But what he didn’t know is that the emperor already found Anakin and treated him. Anakin found himself trapped in a metallic suit which helps him to walk or touch things.

But he couldn’t feel them. He was filled with rage and hatred as he tried to kill obi wan Kenobi multiple times in the near future but failed. Obi-Wan took the children of Anakin and separated them to save them from their father. But padme died giving birth to them both. Obi-wan took the boy child to the planet tatooine where the last relatives of the skywalker remains. There he named him Luke Skywalker. Then he gave the girl child to a king where they named her Leia.

After many years the duo finally got together with the help of a man named Han Solo who is the captain of a ship named Millenium Falcon. Luke was trained by the jedi master Yoda who helps him understand the bright side of the force. He finally finds himself against the ruthless sith lord Darth vader where he tells him that he is his father which leaves luke skywalker speechless.

Then after sometime the trio of heroes, reaches the moon of a planet named, Endor, where they find the clones which are betrayed by their own kind. They took refugee on the planet and found out about the evil plan of the emperor and tries to engage their army against them, but luke asks for some time and he surrenders himself to the emperor army where vader walks him down the halls and makes him meet the emperor.

But luke tries to turn his father towards the good side and in doing so he finds himself at the mercy of emperor. Unable to resist, darth vader finally bursts out and fights the emperor to save his son. He kills the emperor but the battle wears him down as he was covered in more wounds. Luke cries at the dying body of his father and vader asks for his forgiveness for all the bad things he did in the past 20 years. Vader smiles and finally leaves his breath as he was forgiven by his son.

He was redeemed. In the end, a legend died. A legend which made the roots of planets tremble in fear died. Darth Vader finally rests in peace knowing he was loved by his son even though he made grave mistakes. He lived up to his responsibility of bringing balance to the universe by being on the bright side of force for 20 years and by living in the dark side of the force for another 20 years.

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