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Engaging with Public ® Telegram

We have many Social Media apps for chatting or texting. Many apps are becoming popular across the world. One of the popular apps is Telegram. Telegram is a messaging app where we can chat with our friends. We may find new friends in the Telegram. Telegram is the most common using app. Does anyone know who invented this app? What was the history behind this app. How the features developed in the Telegram? I will give you answer to all these types of questions. Let us start.


Telegram is a messaging app and a cross-platform which helps us find new friends. We use Telegram for various purposes. It has positive and also negative uses. We can create more number of groups in Telegram. This app just works like a Whatsapp. It provides many other features.

Founder of Telegram App:-

A Russian person found this Telegram app. His name was Pavel Durov. Durov is a profound libertine-an. In his country he faced many issues. The people in Russia did not allow him to live in his native place. He faced many problems in his native place.

In 2013, Durov found a telegram app with his brother. He found this app as a digital outpost of free speech. He found this app with numerous loyalty.

Durov alone built this app without taking others' help. He made this without any advert or the inventors. He built it with his fortune.

This telegram app took host on multiple servers around the world. He made this app so that any others cannot access the users data. This app does not by many from Belarus to Hong Kong all over the world. Telegram became popular around the world.

Open Network of Telegram:-

The telegram is popular in Asia and Europe. The average populace of the users is around one billion downloads. The founder itself paying a certain amount for the app.

After many years, he got an idea of building the app with crypto. He built a new blockchain platform. We call it as Telegram Open Network(TON). After that, this crypto made many transactions in seconds. It came up with the 1.7 billion dollars from investors.

Drawbacks of Telegram:-

Some of the US people found that telegram is not an end-end encrypted app. The users must go out of their way to start the secret chat function. These secrets work only for ones not among groups.

Many users think that no one will see their secret chats. But it is not true.

Elias Campo is the head of growth of any business. Once he went for an interview. In the interview, he said the internal workings of the telegram and its facts.


If telegram sells itself as a privacy app, it needs to be careful while using. As the telegram has some drawbacks, be aware when you use secret chat.


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