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Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. We celebrate this festival with joy and enjoyment. This festival fills lots of happiness and memories in many families. No one is there who hates Diwali. Mostly children love this festival.

Diwali is far-famed up-to the next festival, Nagula Chavithi. Behind this colourful festival, there was violence in ancient days. What is that violence and story behind Diwali.


There were many stories in the history about the honour of Diwali. One is Rama bringing his wife home after defeating the Ravan story. Another one is killing the demon who making innocent people cry. Beside that, there is a popular story about the solemnize of Diwali.

The famous story is the appearance of a demon. Once there was a demon with an unpleasant face. He did an attack on the goddess of earth and hid her under the water. Lord Vishnu in the avatar of huge hog(pig) went to save the goddess. He saved the goddess by killing the demon.

The goddess of earth gave birth to a boy with Lord Vishnu(as hog). Goddess gave birth to a boy with qualities of a demon. His mother goddess thought Vishnu would kill his son in future. So, the goddess requested the Lord not to kill him in any situation. Lord Vishnu thought for a while, and gave a boon. That boon was "Except Goddess, no one can kill the demon". The goddess of Earth felt jubilant that he would not kill his son.

Days passing by years, the demon became very curial. He was making all the people cry like sages, gods and many innocent people. Many gods tried to defeat him. Gods were unable to defeat him, because of his boon.

All the gods fed-up with the demon, and went to Vishnu to save them. Lord Vishnu gave confidence to the gods and said it was time for his death.

After some time, Lord Vishnu lifted the avatar of Lord Krishna. Goddess of earth lifted an avatar of Krishna's wife. Both as a couple, went to kill the demon who was the son of Goddess.

The demon who was compelling went against Krishna. To defeat the demon, the Goddess helped the Krishna.

After a long battle between Krishna and the demon, the Demon defeated Lord Krishna. Bhudevi, who was the wife of Krishna, saw the defeat of Krishna. Then she itself went to defeat her son. The goddess killed his son by aiming arrows at the demon. The demon fell. Before the death of the demon, he asked a wish. "All of them should remember my death as joy not hate". His mother gave a boon as he wished. So, we honour the death of the demon as "Naraka Tithi".

We honour this Naraka Thiti as quality of genders. The next day of Naraka Thiti is Diwali.

This is the story behind Diwali.


We honour this festival on the death of a demon. We celebrate Diwali on 24th October,2022. We know the reason behind the Diwali. However, on Diwali, why do we light the Diyas or a candles.

In the above story, demon ruled heaven. He kept 16,000 princesses of many kingdoms imprisoned. After the death of the demon, Lord Krishna married those 16,000 princesses. Lord Krishna kept the blood of demon on his forehead. His wives worshipped him with perfume oils instead of blood. All his wives took bath with the water they worshipped on the next day.

As the occasion of Naraka Thiti, we honour with the festival Diwali.

On the day of Diwali, all the women will take a bath in the morning. In the evening time, we light the diyas or candles by recalling the demon. This is the reason behind lightening diyas or candles.

In some places, we honour this Diwali as "Choti Diwali".


Our Diwali starts with diya lighting, home fireworks, pujas, and sweets.

In the morning I start the day by having a bath and wearing new dresses. Later, I do puja to the Goddess Lakshmi by presenting a sweets to Lakshmi. Mostly of the girls, take time to get ready. After that, they stick with the selfies. I do the same. Myself do the same. I enjoy with family in this festival. In the evening time, I worship the Goddess Lakshmi and light the diyas. In night, my selfies are different from the morning ones. At last, I finished my day with crackers and fireworks.

In some places, people fly kiwi parasail on this occasion. It looks wonderful while we fly kiwi parasail. This festival brings good will to the gold owners.

The image shows itself how wonderful it looks when we fly kiwi parasail. At last, we came to know the story of Diwali. In this story, there was a moral for all of us. Our mother will be the first person to punish us if we do something bad. In some cases, we see mothers who cannot punish their children if they grow bad. Such type of mother equals to goddess.



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