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FirstPoint Moving Machines - The Lift

A lift is a type of machine that we use to reach high. These lifts are mostly helpful for aged people. By using these lifts, we can save time. Many of us know about the lifts. We use the lifts even we have a steps. We are habitats to the lifts. The people who have more money will build the lifts in their houses. Anyone know who invented these lifts and why? What is the history of lifts? Let us ascertain.


A lift is just a box like device. It moves up and down and carries people or goods. They also carry many other things which are heavy.

History of Lifts:-

The history starts in ancient Rome. In 336 BC, people started using the first lift. This lift is just look like a car with open door.

In the 18th Century, 1743, King Louis XV faced a problem in seeing his wife. The king got the idea of building the lifts. So he kept many men to build the lift. Finally, the king used this lift to see his wife.

He used to meet the queen with the help of lifts. It is also used for carrying heavy things. However, these lifts do not work well in Rome. So, they used the ropes and the chimneys to move them. We call it as flying chair in ancient Rome. Until the 1800s, there were no proper lifts. They mostly use flying chairs.

Growth in Lifts:-

In 1823, there were two British architects, Burton and Hormer. He faced a problem to taking the tourists for the view of London. Then they built a steamed power 'ascending room' which we call as lift.

This invention became more advanced by architects Frost and Stutt. These two architects added belt and counter-weight to the steam power.

In less time, we also came up with hydraulic systems. Later, water pressures came into use to raise and lower the lift car. These lifts have a drawback. It is the machines used in the lifts killing the people and damage the buildings.

Modern Lifts:-

In 1853, Elisha Otis, found solutions for all these drawbacks. Elisha Otis is the modern inventor of lift.

This is because Otis came up with a design that is 'brake'. This brake helped the lift to stop at one point. As time passed, the lift had a growth.

In 1887, Alex Miles made the first reflexive lift. With the help of this invention, it became easy for people to use. We also came up with different types of brakes.

However, still, there are some drawbacks to the lifts. Still there is no one clear these drawbacks.


The history of the lifts does not have proper usage. In ancient days, we had large machines to use. There are many drawbacks even though there is a growth in the invention of lifts.


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