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Gadget review about Asus Rog laptop.

Gadget review about Asus Rog laptop.

As per my review, this is the best gaming laptop you can ever undergo. It has many features and rewards.

Well when it comes to spec in this laptop.

We can see Ry-zen seven with octal-core,

which is compelling when compared to the latest intel i7 or i9.

It has a DDR6 ram slot with 16GB ram and a 1TB SSD.

It comes with windows 11 O.S.

It has a graphic card of NVIDIA Ge-force RTX 3050 Ti.

The latest graphic card till now and run all games without any lag.

When it comes to displaying plays main role it has Full HD 15.6 inch display with 144Hz refresh rate.

It has RGB lights to attract the laptop.

It can be optimized the RGB comes from bottom and under the keyboard letters.

This is excellent to look and every-one must feel the gaming undergo at least once in their lives.

It has high power to cool the system it has 4 cooling fans which can cool up to 16°c and 4% less noise.

A laptop can handle many games with high performance and true.

However, the main disfavor is the battery life.

Because while we are using it we can work 10hrs but while we game.

It works for 1hr so we need to charge the laptop and play the game.

Overall I think Asus Rog is the best in gaming. If it had more battery life it would be the top of all gadgets.

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