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Happy Hormones

In this world where all are in a rush about one thing or the other, we are forgetting small things which are more important in our lives than anything else.

With the increasing pressure and competition in our day-to-day lives, we are coming across an increase in levels of depression, anxiety and stress levels in the early stages of life today.

So in search of solution we are forgetting the truth that the solution lies within our own selves only. We are our own medicine. Now hoping this blog will let you taste back the medicine lying in each and everyone.

What are Happy Hormones?

We all know our emotional mood and health depends upon the hormones in our body.

There are sometimes we cannot escape being low and sad. But rather than finding a way out of being depressed and sad we are staying in the feelings and making it hard for ourselves.

Now let us know about four hormones which help in increasing happiness levels and put a cut on depressing factors and times.

  • Serotonin

  • Dopamine

  • Oxytocin

  • Endorphin


=> Serotonin is a happy hormone which helps with regulation of moods, sleep cycle, memory and healthy digestion.

=> Low levels of this hormone causes depression and other mood disorders.

=> We can maintain good levels of serotonin by some of the following:

=> Avoid disturbing your sleep cycle. When we are habituated to a routine sleep cycle timings our body automatically releases serotonin. Disturbing this would alter levels of production of this hormone.

=> Eat a good amount of chocolates. not too much but a plenty amount of cocoa and also if you are a tea lover, a small amount of ginger helps you relax boosting serotonin

=> Regular physical exercises.


=> Oxytocin is also called as love hormone.

=> This hormone usually releases with the signs of affection, love and trust.

=> It is used as an anti-stress agent.

=> So whenever you are in stress, socialise more and communicate more enough with your loved ones.


=> These are released when you are in pain and stress. They are your body's natural pain-killers.

=> These hormones suppress stress and pain, boosting up your mood.

=> These also boost your immune system, appetite and also self-esteem.

=> Laughing and physical exercise are the best sources to release endorphin.

=> So having an interview to crack? boost up your endorphin and hit it up with your self confidence.


=> Are you not able to concentrate? or feel less motivated? You might need some dopamine to hit you up.

=> Dopamine is a feel-good hormone which is released when you do something you like.

=> Eat your favourite food, listen to your favourite music, have regular physical exercise, have plenty of sleep, meditate for a short time, feel the fresh air outside.

Don't you feel that after reading till here, such simple steps can cut down most of your stress and worries in your life.

Life is too short, in the race for a perfect lifestyle we are missing out on taking care of our Physical and mental health.

Do not miss out enjoying things in the present, looking towards the future or thinking over your past. Nothing is perfect, so enjoy the moment, look after yourself, take care of your flaws and love yourself.

Take time to enjoy even small things in your life. We never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

So, give your fullest and live to the fullest.

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