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Chocolate is the favourite candy or a sweet for all of us. Many of them love to eat dairy chocolates. Children love chocolates very much. This is because it had a marvellous taste. Not only children, even adults love chocolate. In fact, some chocolates are good for our health. Many chocolates reduce blood pressure in senior citizens. Age does not matter for eating chocolates. Chocolates reduce our stress levels. Anyone of you by what we get chocolate? What was the history behind the readying of chocolate?


We are lucky that we were not born in 1900 BCE. The chocolate in those days was different from today's chocolate. It was bitter instead of sweet because they make chocolates from cacao fruit.

In the Central US, the Mayans were the people who made chocolates. In 900 A.D., Mayan took a cacao beans and crushed to make a fine powder. They used this powder to make a chocolate drink. The drink he made was acrid to taste. Then he added some water, chilli-pepper and cocoa beans to that liquid. Even then, the drink he made was not so tasty. This is because of cacao fruit.

The people of Central US believe that cacao is a food gifted by God. People of the Aztecs Empire used these cacao beans as currency in those centuries. The royal feasts of the Aztecs Empire drank chocolate drinks. They sometimes gift them to the soldiers if they succeed in battle.

This bitter chocolate drink travelled to other countries. The kings of many countries liked this chocolate drink and took it along with them. As days passed, this chocolate drink worked as a medicine for stomach problems, aliments etc.

This is how chocolate drink came into use.


In Spanish, this chocolate became famous because honey or sugar it added for drink. There is no home that does not have this drink. Though, the process of this drink is difficult and time-consuming. So, many labours work hard to get the drink. In 1828, the process of making this chocolate started with the machines.

The first solid chocolate came into the world in 1828 with the help of machines. The Danial Peter was the first person to add powdered milk to the solid chocolates.

In 1875, this was the first chocolate that we named as Dairy Milk. By 20th century, eating milk chocolate became very routine. But, In ancient it was a luxury to people. In the 20th century, chocolate was not at all luxury for people. But, we enjoy any moment or memory with milk chocolate. Day by day, milk chocolate production spread all over the world. Mostly, Indians eat milk chocolates. This is how they prepare chocolates.


Most of them prefer the milk chocolates and love to eat them. This is because we add milk powder to chocolates with some fat. But, milk chocolates are not good for your health. There are some chocolates which keep the doctor away. Dark chocolate is the best medicine and good for your health. We all know that dark chocolates are good for our health. But even though we eat milk chocolates. Our ancestors are healthy because of these dark chocolates. They take these dark chocolates as drink.

Benefits of dark chocolate are:

Dark Chocolates keep our heart safe and healthy.

It reduces fat, and prevents cancer.

Dark chocolates lower our blood pressure.

Women can reduce their weight by eating one dark chocolate.

It reduces our stress.

Still there are many benefits to dark chocolate.


It took many years to get a milk chocolate from a drink.

The weight of one chocolate bar is 5792 kg.

Olmec is the first person to eat chocolate.

Switzerland is the first country to make chocolate.

Chocolates were poisonous to animals.

We use 400 cacao beans to make one chocolate pound.

Dark chocolates make us feel drowsy.



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