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Without paper, what did people use? Who invented the paper, how? What is the use of paper from ancient times to today? What did people used to call the paper in ancient days? How paper turned to money? Who invented the money? etc.. To get the answers to all these questions first let us what is paper.


Paper is a thin sheet which is white in colour. We use paper for writing. We know that tree is the main for making the trees. It is a thin sheet of substantial made of many fabrics. For the single paper, routine we cut thousands of trees. Anyone knows the process of making a paper is.


In ancient times, people did not know what a paper was. So they used bones, bamboo tablets and animal skin. To convey the message, they carried those bamboo tablets to far away places. It became tough to convey any message to them.


Once, a man called Cai Lun saw the honeycomb with fibre, saliva and knit. Then he got an idea and cut the bamboo fibre. Then he boiled the bamboo fibre with some water and formed a mixture. Then he poured that mixture on a flat woollen cloth and drained it in sunlight. After the completion of the mixture, he dried under the sunlight. This is how he made a paper. From then, he got the name " Paper of Marquis Tsai".

Later, Those papers spread across the world. In the 19th century, people mostly used wood to make paper.

Wood came into use instead of bamboo. This is because bamboo is more expensive and people cannot afford it. So, as the time is running, wood came into use.

These are the machines used to prepare a paper in today's time. And the second picture, is the first paper made in ancient times.


After the invention of papers, people thought of making a newspaper. So that they may know more entropy around the world.

We use ungrounded wood pulp, and recycle matter to make a newspaper. Newsprint is a type of paper used to print the newspaper. This is because newsprint is low in cost and non-archival.

To print a newspaper, we should first apply the acetone to a paper towel. Apply that paper towel at top of the paper. This is how newspaper printed and came into use. The letters in the newspaper use chemical extracts and organic solvents mixtures.

Johann Carolus, printed the first newspaper in 1609. James Hicky published the first english newspaper. "Hicky's Bengal Gazette" is the name given. A person who writes the newspaper is a "Columnist".

Later, these newspapers became more famous and came into use.

This was the first newspaper published in 1609.


Does anyone know how money gets printed? How they made?

In coins provision, we use copper and another element such as zinc or nickel. Coins are first made in 1000 B.C. with a metal

Paper money was first printed in China, 806 AD(7th century). In ancient days, paper money was mostly called "Demand Notes".

In China, people felt carrying coins was callous, and tough. And later thought of making paper money.China using paper as a bills. They carried those bills by folding. In this way, they got an idea of printing the paper money. This paper money spread all over the world. Later, All the countries started printing the country wise paper money.


For people in the ancient days, paper did not satisfy them. They want a colours in paper. To make a colour paper, we add colour to the clay. Coating is the first step in this process. Later, this process continues through heavy steel rollers. These rollers produce a smooth, uniform colour paper. Thomas Cobb, in 1796, used olive colours to make the first colour paper.

Colour paper is a construction paper. In this way, colour papers are in use.


  1. For every tonne of paper, we use 7000 gallons of water and two trees.

  2. We use 30,000 trees per day, 10 million trees per year to make tissue papers.

  3. The US, Canada, Finland, Japan, Sweden produce the large amount of paper across the world.

  4. If we recycle one ton of paper, we may save up-to 31 trees.

  5. One Pine tree produces a 80,500 sheets of paper.

  6. In making a paper, we use 42 percent of wood and 37 percent of pulp.

  7. We need five litres of water for a sheet of paper.


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