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How is your neck doing folks?

With the growing hectic schedules, tension's and stress in everybody's day-to-day lives we are forgetting to take care of small points which play a key role in maintaining a smooth health and lifestyle.

No matter the age, we are finding different issues regarding our neck and back health.

Our study and work life burden has been hitting our shoulders real hard. The youth is facing a lot of issues with spinal health from a very early age these days.

Generations and times have changed, we are coming across a lot of issues even before we are into our 30's these days. That is why it is essential we keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Let us know why we are facing these issues in early ages and how we can work on ourselves better to prevent and avoid these situations.

Why are we having pain in the neck and back?

  • Incorrect posture of sitting.

We spend most of our day sitting in our work places working / in our colleges studying.

  • Lack of physical exercises.

Our muscles become stiff with lack of exercise and movement.

  • Sleeping postures

We sleep as we wish for. Even if it is comfortable for us, it may not for our back

  • Spending most of the time sitting

We spend most of our time sitting in hard chairs/benches working/studying

  • Lack of Vitamin D

  • Low calcium

  • Over stressing and exercising

  • No sufficient amount of rest

How can we avoid these pains and look after them?

  • Good amount of physical exercise to avoid stiff muscles

  • Good amount of food with vitamins and calcium sources

  • Avoid sitting in bad postures

  • Avoid sitting for more number of hours

  • Usage of pillows must be reduced

  • Use a proper table and chair for long system work hours

  • Take short breaks and walk in between long hours of work

These days we are coming across cases where a lot of corporate working people are facing neck issues termed to be "spondylysis" and disc problems.

Frequent physiotherapy sessions or spa sessions would give great relief and relaxation.

Small steps can bring a great change.

More number of pain killers would not help. In case of bad pain in neck and back areas, do not neglect and consult a doctor.

With the increasing technology, our generation is prone to more physical and emotional health risks.

So, along with the race of listen to what your body says and look after it.

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