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I-Phone 13 pro max spec blog

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max is the ultimate mobile content creation machine, with the best camera and longest battery life of any iPhone. The ultimate phone for photo and video creators!. The iPhone 13 Pro Max (starting at $1,099) is the ultimate professional content creator's phone. It combines Apple's excellent camera algorithms and software support with true two-day battery life for a massive phone that is always ready to realize your dreams. While the standard iPhone 13 (starting at $799) is the best choice for most people, with a terrific balance of size, power, battery life, and price, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a terrific alternate for heavy users and artists, with its killer cameras and beautiful buttress of a battery. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is, well, max. At 6.3 by 3.1 0.3 inches and 8.5 ounces, it's a large, heavy phone that you won't want to use in one hand. That's the price you pay (along with your $1,100) for this kind of battery life. But you're probably used to it already, as it is almost the same size as the 12 Pro Max. It's a little heavier than last year's model, though, which weighed 8.0 ounces. It’s roomy, narrow-bezel screen gets a little bit more real estate from a slightly smaller notch than on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple has said in numerous articles- the notch is 20 percent smaller than before. On the back, the Pro Max's triple-camera system juts out noticeably. I would smooth it out with a case, although you don't need need one for protection—the phone carries IP68 water-proofing and has Apple's tough "ceramic shield" screen coating. (with a phone this nice I still like to always get a screen protector, they have awesome designs and custom ones for cases sold on I even found cute little sparkle single camera lens covers to put on for extra protection (and it's a cute touch! They have tons of colors on Amazon that will work with any Apple 11 up! The 13 Pro Max comes in four colors, including blue, gold, graphite (gray), and silver. The blue is very cool and elegant, as you can see below. CONS- BIG HEAVY Like other phones its size, this is more of a bag phone than a pocket phone. It fits in my coat and jacket pockets, but it will stick out of most pants pockets but I've noticed over the years so did just about every iPhone from the 6 and up! OVERALL I urge THIS 100% I am an Mac/Apple user is all things from phones, watches, laptops, TVs. You name it if it has an apple on it, it’s in spades in our household!

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