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Journey Ahead Marketing$

Marketing is one way of earning money through simple copy paste method. Copy-Paste and Marketing are similar to each other. The work done with these methods is the same. By copy paste we can earn money by a month. How can we earn money through Copy-Paste Method? What is Marketing and its types? I will give you clarity regarding these questions. Let us go in to the topic.

Affiliate Marketing:-

This is a process by which a person earns commission for selling other people's products. In this process, we simply work by copying the links and pasting in another place. This is a time-taking process.

What You Need:-

To start the work in marketing, we need some google websites and social media. They are:

  1. Fiver Marketing

  2. Fiver

  3. Youtube/ Gmail/ Facebook

These are the most required websites to start work in marketing.

Fiver Marketing and Fiver Websites:-

The account creation on both the websites are similar and related to each other.

Visit a website named Fiver on google. On the home page, we see the complete details about the website. On the home page we see commissions that we can earn on each work. Go to the Register page. We see the form with basic details. Fill in all the basic details like name, email, phone no, password etc... While filling in the form, give account type as private.

If you have any channel on Youtube, give Yes on traffic main source else Other. Visit next page of enrolment. On the next page it will ask "Tell Us a Little Yourself". In that, you can select that you are good at. Finally you can create the account.

Earning Methods:-

The fiver dashboard looks as shown in figure.

Here our work starts.

Step 1: Visit fiver website and search for any topic, you will find some results.

Step 2: Select the person with five star ratings and who takes less amount.

Step 3: Open the selected person's data.

Step 4: Copy the Url of the selected person up-to question mark.

*Note:- Dashboard-> Marketing Tools-> Default and Deep Links.

Step 5: Then paste the copied Url in LP Url and give it a click. You will get a new Url. Copy that Url again.

Step 6: Go to any social media network and search for the work they want.

Step 7: Later, copy the other person's data that you choose. Mail that data to the mail given in social media networks. Mention the url or link that you create and shorten.

*Note:- Shorten your url that you creates with the website.

If the person you mailed contact the person in the fiver and do their work. You will get commission on your website. You can withdraw the amount to the PayPal/Bank.

*Create 10-12 links per day. Continue this process for at least two months. It takes time to get the money. You can also see the clicks on your website.


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