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Learn from Lord Ganesha

Our Festival Vinayaka Chavithi

One of our most famous and one of the favourite festival of us is VINAYAKA CHAVITHI.

Vinayaka chavithi is celebrated according to the Indian calendar on the day of Bhadrapad shukla chathurthi (chavithi) every year.

We pray to Lord Ganesha with all due and respect for a span of nine days and later we send him with loads of love and celebration and we immerse his idols into water bodies with the same due respect and love towards him.

Lord Ganesha, because of his elephant resembling face, is very much known to bring Good luck and fortune with him every year and that is why people shower heaps of love and devotion towards him.

Ganesh festival is also celebrated as a public festival. We put idols of him in every street and all come together to worship him every year.

Do you know that this started as a public event in 1892, to unite people in India against the British those days.

From then it has been a happy culture for the people all over India.

This tradition was started by the famous freedom fighter, Lokmanya Tilak.

What can we learn from his story we hear every year?

We are all very familiar with the story we listen to on the day of Ganesh pooja. Now let us have a pep talk about what we can learn from those stories to have a better way of our lives.

  • Greed leads to nowhere. After all, having lord shiva residing in his stomach was a greedy though which led to the death of the demon in the last.

  • Anger makes us loose self-control. The very known calm lord Shiva has be-headed our lord Ganesha in just a moment with his anger.

  • There is always a solution to any problem. When it was possible to find a new head for lord Ganesha, how hard can anything else be in our lives for not having a solution?

  • Appearance is not everything. Even though being different from all other gods, lord Ganesha has all our love and devotion. Right?

  • Never self doubt your capabilities. He might not have physically travelled all around the world, but he won the challenge against lord Karthikeya through his own capability and wisdom.

  • Everybody deserves a second chance. When they are guilty of the wrong and repent towards it, a second chance is worth it. Lord Ganesha has given a second chance to his enemy who we all know today as his vahana, Mushika.

  • Never loose hope when you are in trouble or wronged. Even lord Sri Krishna had to face society when everybody wronged him for killing sathrajith's brother for the precious gem samanthakamani. It is never late or difficult to prove yourself.

Every year, let us utilise our culture to learn something new from it and let us walk through the way of life our festivals and stories of our culture have told us.



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