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  • Are you feeling sleepy all day these days?

  • Are you craving something hot every morning and evening?

  • Is your room filled with all the moisture?

  • Feeling like staying all cosy and warm under the rugs?

We all know the answer behind all these questions which are happening in our day-to-day lives these days. It is because The Monsoon is here. Way before than expected this year's monsoon hit us with some extra chilly and breezy rains. We didn't even realize when the extra hot, head-burning summer has turned into a chilly and messy monsoon this year. Anyways grab a cup of hot tea/coffee while we look into what we have in this blog to look forward to. Even if you cannot, no worries. Later when you have a cup of steaming hot beverage we would like to be reminded once.

Monsoon Season

Since our childhood we have been aware that there are four seasons, and the second season following summer is monsoon. As we know, the basic principle of the monsoon season is because the water evaporation due to hot summers, the clouds outburst into rains after the current of the winds are changed.

The wind currents which are responsible for rains are called Southwest Monsoons. Ruthu Pavanalu is the term which we usually hear on our Telugu news channels. These winds firstly enter through Kerala regions into our India and through Rayalaseema regions they enter Andhra Pradesh.

Monsoon season 2022

  • According to different weather forecasting departments, Through out India, we are experiencing nine percent more rainfall percent in 2022 than 2021.

  • It has been recorded 116 cm in 2021 and as of now in 2022 it is recorded as 118 cm. We have seen floods in a few places like Assam, Meghalaya districts, and in Hyderabad too.

  • We Also saw cloud burst at Amarnath which has swept away many houses and unfortunately even a few lives as well.

  • Experts are expecting the rain fall to be a little less for the coming August and September compared to June and July.

Stay Safe - Stay Healthy

The monsoon season welcomes many un-invited diseases also such as Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunya an many more. Due to the stagnant water bodies here and there, the mosquitoes could easily breed and multiply, increasing the risk of various health and hygiene issues.

We can easily prevent these from happening. We could close up our water tanks with lids, clear up any stagnant water bodies around our homes. Cover unattended food items preventing flies hovering over them.

It is effortless to catch a cold and fever in monsoons. Warm water- intake, steam inhalation once a day will do great to your health.

Monsoon's - Kind gestures

Monsoon is not the same for all of us. While we might be complaining about getting late to work/college because of rain, there are some people out there who are drenching yet working for their daily wages. While we are complaining about not having a car to cover our heads while traveling, there are some people who try to cover up the dent's of their homes trying to cover.

Many street animals get sick getting wet and cold. Even if we cannot provide special necessities to them, at least be kind and let them take shelter from rains if they are under your roofs. Please do not chase them away. Be kind towards nature and it repays you back.

With all the fancy flooring and tiles now-a-days it is getting hard to find bare-landed floors. If you find any sand/bare-landed floors which are old style, please try digging a soak-pit. Or if there is anyway to discharge rain waters through pipe-lines into the ground, make sure it does not get blocked. Small gestures like these would help the underwater levels increase. We are wasting a valuable free water resource and pay instead for water during scarcity in summers. With the increase in day-to-day technology, we are loosing our old traditions which are helpful to mankind more than anything.

This monsoon, let us be Grateful of our lives and take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

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