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Once upon a time, there was someone from the middle class named Vishnu. He worked as an officer. Once he got a case from a person, as usual, he went into the house and checked, but no clues were found. So he thought to go to the forensic department to check the status of clues, and instantly a sound arrived, like a plate falling.

He looked at it casually and thought of doing something about the case. After that, he saw someone doing something on the computer. He wore a black jacket and black trousers and covered his face with a full mask and gloves. After the person got out, he entered the room and asked about the person, but was told he was not in this department.

He found that a group of people were being killed at a time. He was shocked and tried to solve the case. He later gets a lead and follows the lead, and finds out that a psychologist is act upon people with drugs to kill people.

Finally, our hero gets a lead to the location and chases the psychologist and catches him.

He encounters him with a gun. It closes the case.

But later on, there was a murder started again by his son…

and continues...

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