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Music relaxesmind and body. It reducesour stress and makes us feel comfortable.Everyone has their own opinion regarding music.It gives happiness and a peaceful mind.


Music is a pleasantsound that makes our surroundings tranquil and pleasant.It is a combination with some rhythm, melodies sounds. Music is the art of arranging sound to create some harmony or expressive content.

A person who is excellent at music is a musician. Music includes people singing with their voice or playing instruments such as violin, guitar or piano. People who sing are singers.


In today'slives, everyone's daily routine is full of stress and tensions.No peace and happiness. At this busy time, we should have some relaxation and peace of mind.

This can be done only throughmusic.

Music has great qualities of healing a person emotionally and mentally. Its a form of meditation to our mind. Wecan tend to forget all his pains and stress.

Music has the power of curing diseases such as anxiety,depression, etc..


We had a varietyof music that differs places,culture, and types. We can find music all over the worldand it is endless, speechless.

Folk Music:

This music is completely traditional and was mostly seen in India. Folk music is a type of music that belongs to a community without any rules.This type of music is mostly seen in India

and was written by themselves withoutany restrictions in song.

Art Music:

This music is also a famous and most popularmusic. In art music we probably see rhythms, harmony, and melodies. Musicis a type of art that describes the classical and other art forms.


1.Jazz 2.Hip hop

3. Rock and roll4.Blues 5.Country 6.Pop

7.Rythm and Blues(R&B) 8.Folk


These are musics that are most played on musical instruments. Every musichas its own rhythm and sound that are good to listen to.


After a big discussion about music, We/I learned a lot aboutmusic. Music is the essenceof life.

Its very powerful that equals to god. Music is a beautiful form of expression. Music has no colour, religion or caste.

My opinion on music is that it has a good power of relaxingeveryone's mind. I love to listen to music all the time and get out of my stress thoughI don't have much work stress. All thetime

music makes me happy.


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