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Desert is a place full of sand. No one can enter the desert or live in the deserts. These are places with sweltering climate. We even also do not even find a single drop of water. In the desert, we mostly see illusions. This place is useful for the people who sell the sand. I think so there will be no one who sells the sand. Can anyone think how these deserts form? Why can only cactus live in the desert? I will give you clarity how these deserts form and some questions regard this.


A desert is a barren area of landscape where downfall occurs. It is also a dry, hot area of land. We see these deserts in the North US, South Africa etc...

How does Desert forms:-

There are many reasons for its formation. These deserts normally form with the change in weather. The weather is those areas sometimes may be hot or cold.

The atmosphere will produce too cold air. We also do not have rain in the North US. The surface of the desert will be hot. This is because there is no water vapour to deflect the heat of the sun.

The reasons are the mountain rain shadows, deep inland locations etc... The surrounding areas have cold oceans and Hadley cells. The Halsey cells are just a movements that form a warm air.

Hadley cells are the main reason for the formation of deserts.

Hadley Cell:-

Hadley Cells are most blameable for deserts. The general pattern of rain forests, grasslands. With this rain around some areas deserts occurs. Mostly we find the subtropics deserts with the help of Hadley cells.

In a Hadley Cells, the air rises at the equator. The maximum converse of the air is 30 degrees. With the rise of air, the climate gets cool with dry air. In this way, Hadley cells form the deserts.

What happens If Deserts do not Exist?

If we do not have any deserts, it affects our lives. The life of plants and animals is dependent on deserts. If there is no exist of deserts, the life of these creatures may end. These deserts also help humans with food, medicine and raw substantial.


Finally, we can conclude that deserts are essential for the survival of many creatures. They are also essential for the life of plants. If deserts do not exist, we may not exist.


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