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OUTLAST-2 review blog .

The characters are compelling, the atmosphere is amazing the game does give you a sense of fear.

Not as good as Outlast 1, but Outlast two is still solid. Unlike Outlast one which was more varied in what could happen,

Outlast two is Tough, and heavily based on trial and error.

Just off the bat you’ll see some really disturbing imaging in this game and there’s a lot of gore.

Most sequels do not to the master, but this is not one of those cases.

Outlast II, reckon I had gone into Outlast I and Whistle-blower with knowledge of what was going to happen Outlast II, I went into it blind, and I am so glad I did!

Outlast I, I knew where the scares were, and I knew how the characters acted, thus I took my time and looked for every-thing.

I still enjoyed the second, but much, much more than I did with the first, as I was terrified, the entire time, I truly worried for the characters and felt that I could die at anytime.

The immersion was process, although our supporter is now voiced.

The progression and pacing was very well-done and this game always had me wanting more.

The puzzles and chases were well-directed and if I were to die, it would've been my fault.

The gameplay now further expands upon the master, now having you being able to listen through walls with an enhanced microphone.

Although I used it, that still did not make it useless.

As it gave me some solace when I felt there was no way to escape, hiding away and having no clue where your aggressor is.

This feature gave me some semblance of safety.

Outlast II, is the sequel we asked for, and the sequel the fan-base deserves.

The story is there, but you are going to have to look for it, like we do in the first and whistle-blower.

You can search for more details, but the story and directive are still clear enough to make sense, even without collecting any documents.

All in all, the social club we find ourselves struggling to survive in, truly makes us wonder what the hell is exactly going on.

While still having us quake in our boots. You can search for the truth behind the waves, the hallu-cinations, and the ending.

The truth is there, it is just up to you to face your fears, and find it.

I will give 10 rating to this.

It is worth the purchase, and in spades play through the game again to seek the whole truth yourselves.

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