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Piracy Gang

Once upon a time, there was someone from the middle class named Vishnu. He worked as a delivery clerk.

Once he got a delivery from a production house, as usual he went into the house and knocked twice.

However, none responded so that no one was present in the house.

So he thought to go to other deliveries and immediately a sound arrived like a gunshot.

He was afraid and thought of doing something in the hall around the house.

After that, he saw someone doing something on the computer.

He wore a black jacket and black trousers and covered his face with a complete mask and gloves.

After the person got out, he entered the house.

All he did was check the man's pulse, but he was dead.

Later, he gets evidence that it was done for a movie he produced.

So it was done by the piracy gang, who had already stolen two to three stories and put them on the piracy website.

To stop the gang, he started working with the police.

Moreover, he finally finds the clue relating to the site and leads the entire police team.

towards it.

Shockingly, he discovered that his friend was making the hacking scam indirectly with the help of others without any regrets.

He caught his friend in the final.

He got a job as a police officer working undercover solving that big hacker gang.

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