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During the Covid-19 Pandemic from 2020, hand sanitizers have been in very much of use along with face masks. We used sanitizers in various forms like sprays, aerosols, liquid hand gels, foams, and in various colours like blue and white, and in different flavours also.

Sanitizers are WHO recommended Handrubs which are used to disinfect the areas which they are applied on.

Covid-19 virus has been known to spread through air and touch. Hence face masks as well as hand sanitisers were used to protect ourselves from the virus.

Sanitizers contain:

  • Ethyl alcohol

  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Glycerol

  • Chlorine compounds

  • Formaldehyde

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Water

and other chemical disinfectants.

The chemicals given are made with a certain ratio and concentration.

Not only covid, but sanitizers are known to reduce the risks from viruses causing flu and other common viral infections causing germs.

Along with the benefits, there are certain drawbacks as well.

  • However, for frequent usage, hand washes are a better solution than hand sanitizers.

  • As per some reports, more alcohol usage may lead to any other problems also.

  • As there is alcohol content, there are chances of getting under flame. Though it is a rare chance, it would be safe to rub off hands until dry.

  • They might dry up the upper oil layers of skin on hands with more usage.

  • Also, there are chances of skin irritation with more alcohol usage. Soaps and hand-washes would be better to use in such cases.

  • Avoid direct contact with eyes, as it might cause redness and irritation.

  • Do not consume them.

  • Do not use them on food items and mobile phones.

  • Look after Children while they are using them.

While the world is getting back on its foot again like the old times, the numbers of Covid-19 must have been down since past few months but not completely zero.

So, look after your health.

Maintain social distancing.

Wear face masks

Use hand sanitizers.

Stay safe when staying out also.

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