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Short summary about Ruskin Bond.

Ruskin Bond is a famous author who is an Indian despite being of British descent.

Ruskin Bond was born in Kasauli, India on May 19, 1934. Also, his parents' names are Edith Clarke and Aubrey Bond. His father served in the Royal Air Force and so he and his son moved from place to place on a regular basis. At the age of 8, the breakup of Ruskin Bond's parents took place. Then his mother married a Punjabi-Hindu man. In addition, Bond's kinship with his mother is complicated because there is little affection between the two. His father's care for him was unanswered and this helped him to grow up. However, there is a sudden departure of his father from his life. Such a tragedy must have affected Ruskin Bond and brought him down. After the sudden death of his father, Ruskin Bond goes to live with his grandmother in Dehradun. Furthermore, his early instruction was at Bishop Cotton School in Shimla. During his school years, several writing contests were held which Ruskin Bond won. Among his various awards are the honored Haley Literature Prize and the Irwin Divinity Prize. In 1952, he graduated.

The first 20 years of his life marked him in a way that made him a fine writer. Despite having a difficult childhood, there was a growth and betterment in his personality. More notably, Ruskin decided to become a serious writer, in keeping with his father's wishes. So he can find comfort in reading. Moreover, the reason that inspired this habit of reading in Ruskin Bond was his father. Some of his favorite works are Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë and Rudyard Kipling. Ruskin Bond has a simple but interesting reading style that can attract readers. Moreover, his style is easy enough for children as well as lay people to understand his works. Perhaps the greatest influence on his composing was the fact that he was on the beautiful hill stations of the mountain range foothills. Ruskin Bond wrote his famous "Rooftop Room" at the age of 17, influenced by his undergo in Dehra Dun. Since that time, Rukin Bond has put out 300 novels, short stories and essays. Also, some of his famous works are 'The Blue Umbrella', 'Vagrants in the Valley' and 'A Flight of Pigeons'. Ruskin Bond was a man who will always be remembered as an important figure in English literature. The man who helped increase knowledge of Indian children's literature, His efforts are recognized worldwide among English elites.

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