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Shyam Singha Roy – The Review

Cinema – This 6 Letter Art form is one of the most Influential and Most Successful, Most Happening and Most Finest Art form of India – at present Scenario. Indian Cinema is currently ruling and Inspirational to many Industries with its Great Box Office Results, Impeccable Collections and Most Highest Success Rate.

Though India produces Thousands of Films per year, the Major Industries with name and fame are very less and Tollywood is one such Industry with Great Name and Recognition at Indian Cinema in World Stage.

Even Telugu cinema is producing Hundreds of Films per year, Though most of them Successful, there are very Less Films which create a Euphoria at Box Office and remains a long time in the Hearts of an Average Cinema Viewer and live long on True Cinema Lover. We’re now Experiencing a Variety films from TFI in recent days which are shaking the Indian Box Office also at a Higher Note.

So, Why I’m Sharing all this is.., Without Prior to Collections, Without Prior to Box Office Results, Some Movies will remain as CULT CLASSICS and they’ll Remain in Audience Hearts for a Long Long Time. The Stories which haunts us more even after many many of days of it’s release is the most Beautiful thing – that a Cinema Lover can feel that.

So, Now I’m sharing my Opinion about one such film from Tollywood – A Movie named SHYAM SINGHA ROY starring Nani, Sai Pallavi, Krithi, Madonna and Others. So coming Straight to the Core, Why SSR remained as one of the Finest Classics in Telugu Cinema is – The Way it’s been taught to the Audience, The Way the Actors Shined in their Characters is the main Point.

Coming to the theme, as many of the Readers know, SSR is a Reincarnation Periodical Romantic Drama which connects Dots between the Life of Shyam Singha Roy, Mythri, Vasu and his Writings. Though the film has it’s Commercial Elements like a Piece of Comedy, Romance and Fights at Parts, The Core of the film is Standard. It was build very strong at the Writing Level. The Appreciable aspect and Huge Shoutout to the Writer and Director Rahul because he doesn’t eloped Comercial Elements in his film by Force. He stick to his Writing part as much as he can and because he love that Script, he developed the Movie that Beautiful.

Now Coming to the Point, the First Half of the Film Revolves around Vasu – The Reincarnated Verion of SSR and The Second Half revolves around Shyam Babu and Mythri a.k.a Rosie’s Love Story.

The film has it’s Own Highlights in it’s Writing itself as the Female lead Belongs to DevaDasi System, the Protagonist Opposes it, They Releases and abolishes the System as the film progress. As Shyam Singha Roy is a Writer and well known Social Reformer – his words has Impeccable Impact on the Society.

The Family of Shyam Backstabs him and because of his Unfinished Goals and Promises, he rises again as Vasu and how he finished his Past Works is the Plot.

The film itself Excelled in all the Departments – The Music, Lyrics by Late Sirivennela, Cinematography, Editing, Production Values etc are more than upto the Mark.

Now, Coming to Performances and Detailed Explanation, Both the main pillars of film – Nani and Pallavi lived in their roles Shyam and Rosie so much so that no one even feels that they’re Nani and Pallavi. Every Audience who is sitting in front of Screen and Watchin’ the movie will feel their Chemistry, their Vibe, their Happiness, their Pain and their Life at every point of the Film.

The Way Rahul took up the Pace of the film, the way he excelled in Explaining the Story using Lyrics, Montages and Scenes are now which made Shyam Singha Roy a Classic and Favourite for many.!

This film is all about the Love Story of Shyam and Rosie which makes us Emotional at the End if the Film, which makes our Heart melt, which made us Cry and we’ll feel them and live with them for some days.

The Story itself is a Beautiful Canva of Life which has most Memorable Moments and most Emotional Moments. Though it has some minor flaws, they’re very very minute and can be easily forgettable.

Shyam Singha Roy is not all about a Reincarnation Drama, It’s Beyond that. SSR is Pure Magical Love Story that Touches your Heart and Soul and stays with you for a Long Long Time.

You’ll be amazed after Watching the Movie and will appreciate the efforts of all the Craft persons behind this Classic. You’ll fall in Love with Rosie and Shyam Babu for a Long time and whenever you Listen to the Songs, whenever you Watch a Small Bit from the film, it made you Emotional and Peaceful at Heart. ️

Some Movies remains as Clasic not only because of the Collections, the Performances but also how Audience Own the film and for how much level is the main thing. For SSR, every Department has it’s own shining way so that the Indian Cinema Audience loved it and gave a Place to the movie in their Hearts.

SSR is a Timeless Classic in my Opinion and it’ll Remain Forever with me !

If you still didn’t Watched it yet, Go and Watch.

Shyam Singha Roy is Streaming in NETFLIX.

Thank You So Much.

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