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Is social media a boon or a bane?

Social media has been growing huge in all various kinds day-by-day. The days from where newspapers and news channels were the only medium of communication where people used to know about any important news or about something new after a day through newspapers or after a few hours through news channels.

This routine has been broken successfully through the social media introduction to the world.

What is social media?

When the world was leading a pretty normal routine life, where google was used as a search engine and gmail was just getting popular over yahoo mail slowly..

On 26th September 2006, a very popular social media app called FACEBOOK took its first launch in India.

It was brand-new to people and pretty exciting to know about it and were eager to use it. It was also supported by 2g/3g networks also in the initial days and later gained great popularity by 2008.

It allowed users to share pictures and other personal information among their chosen community.

Whatsapp was later introduced around 2010 in India and has made huge growth in communication among people. This messenger app let people stay in connect regardless the time and distance. Sharing of pictures and messages had been easier than ever before.

Snapchat was launched around the end of 2012, creating a new norm in clicking pictures with new filters attached to the camera. It also allowed us to share images of where and what we are doing with our friends and family constantly.

Telegram, which was introduced around 2013, has not gained as much popularity compared to whatsapp.

Dubsmash was the initial version of and it was officially launched around the august 2014 and people let their actors out through these apps. which was later adapted as Tik-tok has been banned in India around 2020.

Instagram, though it was from 2010, it made its official launch in 2016 made a huge break-through in social media and has become more popular than facebook and other apps by 2018.

Later in India, there was a rapid growth in terms of social media. People started adapting to the new norms.

How is social media affecting society?

With the vast growth of social media among people, there are its pro's and con's respectively:

  • People are in constant loop with the world, everything is known in just a matter of minutes

  • However, there is no validity sometimes about the truth or false

  • Digital marketing has become more easy and popular.

  • Content creation has become a more popular and trusted source for young people.

  • Addiction rate has been increasing

  • Improved sources of entertainment

  • More Free-lancing opportunities.

Along with these factors, social media has become a common media face in our day-to-day lives.

Anything in a limit will be fine. Do not get addicted.

Time is valuable, do not waste it.

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