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In Indian culture, Dasara is one of the famous festivals. All the people celebrate this festival with lots of joy and affection. What was the reason for lionize Dasara?


Before this festival, we will worship the various goddess of Durga Devi for nine days. And we call those "Nine Nights" in English. On these days, we will worship a different goddess on each day/night. We start the pooja with different types of foods that goddess like.

Goddess Durga has various names:

Day 1:- Goddess Shailputri.

Day 2:- Goddess Bramini.

Day 3:- Goddess Chandika.

Day 4:- Goddess Kushmanda.

Day 5:- Goddess Skandmata.

Day 6:- Goddess Kali.

Day 7:- Goddess Kaalratri.

Day 8:- Goddess Parvati.

Day 9:- Goddess Sarswati.

These are the different names and goddess of Durga Devi. Every goddess has its special powers and values. On these nine nights, we worship her in all the temples. People believe that goddess Durga makes our wish come true.

Goddess Shailputri is the daughter of Mountains king. She was the first goddess we worship. She was the ruling goddess of the moon. Later, Parvati became a wife of Shiva.

Once, the king of the mountain started a yajna. He invited all gods and goddess to his yajna. But he did not invite his daughter and Lord Shiva for this yajna. The wife of Shiva wanted to see his family and asked for permission. Shiva did not agree with her proposal, but she did not listen to Shiva's words. At her house, their family made fun of her and her husband. She did not bear the insult and attempted suicide. At last, she died. With her death, Shiva got furious and spoiled the whole puja.

She was again born with the new name Shailputri.

Goddess Bramini is also the daughter of Himavan. To become the wife of Lord Shiva, Bramini Devi did a penance. She got that name by this penance. She did the penance for 1000 years. At this time, she took fruits and leaves as her lunch. Sometimes, we did fasting too during penance. She was the wife of Lord Shiva.

Goddess Chandika is the symbol of peace. At the time of Shiva's marriage, he looked dreadful, and made all of them unconscious. At that time, Goddess Parvati went to Lord Shiva as Chandika. And she requested Shiva to change his look. With her words, he appeared with gold on the body and married Parvati.

Goddess Kushmanda is the goddess who created the whole world. She also created Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu. She will be with the eight hands and powerful goddess. Tiger is the part of this goddess.

Goddess Skandmata is the goddess of fire. After Sati was dead, Shiva went into deep thinking. Sati was reborn as Parvati and did penance to get him back. At that time, other gods tried hard and succeeded. But Shiva opened his third eye and killed the person who disturbed him. Anyone of the gods were unable to handle the power of Shiva and failed. Finally, Parvati had a son, Muruga. He defeated the powerful demons. With his son, Parvati became Skandmata.

Goddess Kali is the power. Once a sage wanted that goddess as his daughter and did penance. Meanwhile, A demon is killing all the innocent people around the world. Goddess wanted to punish him and born as Kali for a sage. In this way, she got the name Kali.

Goddess Sarswati is the perfection of Lord Shiva. Shiva, who is the creation of Kushmanda, asked for the perfection of him. Then, goddess created eight other goddess as the perfection of Shiva. She told Brahma to look after the creation of people. At that time, Brahma asked for the girl too. Then Goddess gave Shiva half part as a girl. In this way, Shiva's got his perfection.

Story Behind this festival:-

Once there was a demon who had two sons. Both of the brothers got married and they too wanted sons. For that reason they started a penance under water, on the fire. Lord Indra went as a crocodile and killed one of the demons. He attempted suicide after his brothers death. He changed his decision, after the Shani requested him. He got a boon of getting a powerful son with no death.

Another demon came into the world with Bramah's boon. He always wanted to rule the entire world. For that, he did a penance for many years. Bramah appeared and gave a boon that "He should not die on any man's hands".

With this boon, he started killing all the innocent people on earth and in heaven. It became hopeless to kill that demon.

Then, all the gods asked for the help of Shiva,Vishnu to save them. But they too did not kill that demon because he had a boon of Bramah. The battle between demons and god's took place for many years.

Finally, a powerful woman's creation took place with all the powers of gods. She was with 18 hands and looked like a power. She was the Goddess Durga Devi. Goddess with all other weapons looked radiant. After her creation, she laughs like a mountain.The demon listened that voice. He thought that " I killed all the gods, now who was laughing without any fear". And asked his people to check what was happening. He replied " there was a woman with numerous radiance". And other gods were asking for her help.

He wished to marry that Goddess. He sent that message to the Goddess. For that, Goddess refused and warned him to death.

Here is the battle started. Goddess with lion entered the battle field. That lion killed all the people of that demon. Finally, that demon entered the battle as a buffalo and lost. Later, he went as a lion. Goddess went with a knife to kill him. Then, he turned to elephant. Goddess cut the elephant thorn.The demon, felt torturous, turned to human. Goddess catches him and kills him with a trident.

In this way, all demons got vanished.

After his death, Gods and Goddess thanked the Durga. And with joy and happiness, they honoured themselves.


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