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All of them believe that Santa Claus make our wish true with many gifts. We are more excited to receive gifts from Santa Clause on Christmas. I love to receive gifts from Santa Clause. Does Santa Clause really exist? What is the story behind Christmas? Let us discuss the story of Santa Clause and Christmas.

Christians mostly enjoy this festival on 25th December. On this day, we receive gifts from the Santa Clause. This Christmas comes at snowy season. Many people love to skate in this season. On Christmas, we find Ice-Skating, Christmas cards, Candies etc...

In cartoons, we see these festivals which attract us. But, In real life we see some traditions. They are dancing, rose cookies.

Another name for Christmas is 'Big Day'. We celebrate this festival on the occasion of the birth of Jesus. On this day, some of them will have cakes.

Christians mostly wear Gold, Silver and White. We see many colours on Christmas. This colourful festival also had a story.


The story we know about Christmas is only seen in the cartoons. And we believe that was the real story.

The story we see in the cartoons is:

This story is famous for the birth of Jesus Christ. In a town Nazareth, there was a girl named Mary living in a small house. She is not yet married. On one night, an angel appeared in front of Mary and gave a boon. It is "you will give birth to a boy named Jesus". After a few minutes, the angel had disappeared. The next day, she married a man, Joseph. At that time, Roman soldiers passed a new rule. "People should pay taxes and register for census. Mary and Joseph left the house because they are poor enough to pay taxes. They started to Bethlehem, which was 65 miles from their place. They travelled many miles and finally reached Bethlehem by night. But they did not find a place anywhere. Finally, they took shelter in a small hut that night. That night, she gave birth to Jesus. On this day, We celebrate Christmas.

This is the story we know.

However, it is not the real story.


At the time of the Romans, the story begins. The people who live in Rome do not go through heat or a fire. North mostly fills with cold, snow etc..

The people living in Rome have a strong belief. His birth is the reason for this festival. The people of Rome enjoy the occasion until they find the sun.

Many fathers and sons used to set a fire in summer. They lit the fire until 12 days. The spark of a fire would give a new born calf by coming year. This is the true story of Christmas.

In some countries, there is a unique way of festival.

In Europe, the end of December is perfect time to celebrate Christmas.

They enjoy this time with small sip of wine.

We all think that 25thDecember is the birth of Jesus. But, that date was not mentioned in the 'Bible'.


The character of Santa Clause is real. He also really exists. We mostly call him the "Father of Christmas". Children love him the most. His real name is Sain Nicholas. He had a story about how he turned into Santa Clause. He had many stories in the history. But there was a story that was most popular about Santa Clause.

St. Nicholas is a rich person. He was a kind-hearted person. He had a nature of helping the poor people who were in need.

His native place is Myra, Turkey. At the age of 5, he started reading Bibles. Once there was a poor father. He had three daughters. His father thought of selling them, as he cannot marry them. Nicholas felt sad about these sisters and thought of helping them. He helped the first two sisters. As the first girl became a major, he sent sufficient money from their house chimney. Also did the same for second sister without knowing them.

The poor father got a doubt "How they get the money". He thought of knowing the reason for the help. One day, he hid near the chimney and saw what was happening. Then he came to know about Nicholas what he did. Nicholas requested not to say about him. After a few days, he became famous across the turkey. From then onwards, he became a Santa Clause.


The colour of Santa dress is white, green and blue. But after the Coco-Cola, Santa dress came in red and white colours.

Every year, the north pole receives around 10 lakh in the name of Santa Clause. His favourite food is cookies.'

In india, around 27.8 million Christians are present till now.


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