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Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month- SEPTEMBER

Do you know that every year,

The month of SEPTEMBER is recognised as Suicide Awareness Prevention Month.

Also every year,

4th September to 10th September is observed as National Suicide prevention week.

And World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th September every year.

Suicide is one of the most difficult topics to be talked about openly. We never know what phase a person is going through in his life.

Research says that people who are close around to a person who recently attempted suicide and has passed away, are hitting through some serious disturbances in their mental health and their daily lives.

So, to help raise awareness among people about this hard and closed topic, world mental health organisations come together and talk about suicidal awareness through various social activities.

Can suicides be prevented?

People who need help may not reach out openly, if we are close to them or being around them all the time we must try observing and recognizing the warning signs.

Warning signs include

  • May or may not talking about death all the time

  • Being clumsy

  • Hopelessness

  • Self-hatred

  • Eating and sleeping less

  • Not being among people

  • Sudden mood changes

  • Always being alone

  • Not responding to calls or texts all the time

  • Extreme quietness

  • Avoiding eye contacts

How can we prevent?

Suicides are now seen in all age groups. From teenagers to senior adults.

People now-a-days even with small issues like less marks in exams or breakups are heading towards suicides.

Those sudden suicidal decisions cannot be assumed, where as long term suicidal thoughts of someone around or close to us can be found out through some of the signals we above talked.

  • Providing the sense of trust or assurance to those people that everything is going to be ok and you are going to be there for them.

  • Not judging them for their reasons and sorrows

  • Keeping a little close eye on them

  • Spreading positivity

  • Assuring freedom to slowly opening up

  • Giving some time along with companionship

Also, there is help where they can talk to someone anonymous if they want to open up about themselves.

9152987821 is an iCall helpline number where they listen to people who are in need and provide them with required help to come out of that particular phase.

So, this September month, let us be responsible and spread awareness regarding suicidal conditions and prevention.

Once a life is lost, it will never return!


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