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Superman: The God - Chapter 1

Clark is seeing the destruction happening on the city from his secret identity. It’s actually a sign that the arrival of doomsday from the death which was initiated by Lex-luthor who is a CEO of a richest company that is Lex-Corp. Clark immediately took of his glassed and he suited up and in a whirly wind speed he himself took a flight into sky and taken a vision on whole city.

The city is under destruction people are running here and there. One man cannot handle everything at a time but Clark actually can that’s why he’s called as a God in metropolis

It’s becoming dark as everything is in chaos and the night comes, Here Bruce also seeing the city in his secret shadows

Superman rushed upon the deadly monster that is Doomsday coming between buildings in the city and he used his heat vision to get control over the ruthless monster

Using his ultimate speed and strength superman rescued every citizen in area and he kept them in a secret and safe place that is none other than the BAT-CAVE.

He rescued everyone but he didn’t rescued one because the one who superman even cannot see with his x-ray eyes it’s none other than The Bruce Wayne.

Bruce himself suited up with Bat suit which is specially made from lead(Pb) through which superman can’t see.

So superman thought he saved everyone and began to combat with deadly monster

The night is becoming so dark and The Dark knight(Batman) preparing everything to hunt it’s prey ..

Here the question is why Bruce involved here?

Why he’s in shadows?

Why Lex-luthor created Doomsday ?

Why Bruce used The Bat suit made of lead?

Will The god will fall in night?

Will the knight begins it’s hunt?

To be Continued……….

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