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SUPERMANCHAPTER-2.1 :-The Mighty in the Metropolis

The Metropolis is a highly technical city. Some parts of the city are really covered with lush green and highly dense forests and the ocean is filled with blue and the sky above the ground is dazzling when it is morning.

A happy place for citizens and the crime rate is also low and birds chirp all over, kids play joyfully and go to schools in the morning.

Men and women go to their respective jobs and come home before sunset happily.

The beauty of a city cannot be described with words. Another thing about the city is, it is as busy as its beauty.


The outskirts of the city are desolate.

If we go beyond the empty it’s literally a bit of dark in morning too.Because there will be no bright sunlight as like in the Metropolis.

When it is evening, that is when the sun sets, that place is grim and terrific.

People in the Metropolis call that place as haunted place where some super-natural entity is always roaming in nighttime.

People in the Metropolis call that entity as GHOST. And some people who doesn’t believe in ghosts call that place as some kind of asylum.

People in the Metropolis have various kinds of opinions about that place.

So the people in Metropolis won’t dare to go there alone. The roads to that place are also blocked by the government of the Metropolis.

However, if we still go beyond that we can really see a beautiful city filled with colorful lights.

At night just like the morning beauty of metropolis.

It is night beauty filled with mixed bag of lights and tallest buildings.

About the outskirts of this city is written by a reporter named Clark-Joseph-Kent who works in Daily Planet in newspaper.

People in metropolis impressed after reading the article made by Clark and praised him and his efforts.

Clark did this to impress his colleague named Lois-lane because he loves her to infinity.

It’s actually a happy day for Clark as Lois too impressed about his work and article.

Clark won’t forget this day because it is the first she talked with him for a long time.

After going home which is in Smallvillie village beside the city he shared all these happy moments with his mother Martha.

The next day Clark got a major task that to write an article by gathering data about people who are economically top.

Lois is assigned to Clark as a support.Clark felt very happy so that he cannot express his feelings in words this is the only right time to get much closer to Lois.

Clark decided to write article on Lex-Luthor who is the only richest man in metropolis and is head of highly technological and great company called “Lex-Corp”.He decided to start gathering data about the man and his company.

The Feel Good Vibe:-

Things going well and one fine day Clark slipped his mouth that he loved Lois.

After listening that thing Lois replied that she actually loved Clark secretly for many days.

Clark's heart is filled with joy and loads of love overflown and he instantly took Lois to his mother and he introduced Lois.

All of them talked very happily and had a great dinner.

Lois asked Clark to remove his glasses.

Without any questions or hesitation Clark removed.

Lois shocked after seeing Clark’s face he’s the Superman, her favorite person who saved her many times and her best hope.

Lois cried out of joy and love and she hugged Clark tightly.

Both of them promised each to other to stay forever until their last breath

Moon above the sky Clark told Lois to close her eyes and hold her and took her up in the sky gently.

When Lois opened her eyes, She saw that they were actually so close to the moon and a comet passed in front of her eyes.

Clark proposed again Lois by wearing a diamond ring to Lois finger.

A wonderful day in city. The perfect night where both the souls opened their hearts for the first time after a long time of holding their mutual feelings inside.



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