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Sweet Little Sprinkles:- Ice Cream

Is there any person who does not like ice cream? All of us like to eat ice creams very much. People will have the ice cream even though they know that they will get fat. This happens because it tastes scrumptious! Isn't it? The taste of ice cream is sweet. Anyone of them thought how ice cream got that taste? Who is the reason for inventing ice cream? Which elements do we use to get that taste? If anyone wants to know answers to all these questions let us start the blog.

History of Ice-Cream:-

The history starts from 2500 years ago. In 500 BCE, Athens bought a mixture of snow, some fruits and honey. With those mixing, they eat the ice cream. This does not make a ice cream. So the invention moved to further centuries. The king of China liked the taste of frozen snow.

Then he took the help of many men to bring the large amount of snow. In that century, ice cream was not invented. For many centuries, the readying of ice cream left a mystery. The people of the Roman Empires followed the same process for frozen snow. After 60 CE, the snow with the honey continued for many centuries. In 1630 CE, the king of England liked the taste of frozen snow. Then he gave the first salary. The king of England wants to keep this frozen snow as a royal secret.

In those days, people did not have any cold storage. So, they used ice and salt to freeze the snow.

One day, the ancient people thought of adding milk to the frozen snow. They call it cream ice. Its tastes is delicious. So, only royals ate the cream ice in ancient days.

Modern Invention of Ice Cream:-

This invention starts in Italy. We came to know how we prepare an ice cream. We call ice cream as sorbet without milk. In Italy, the people over there used to eat the ice with the milk. They added milk powder, honey, eggs, lemons and citrus orange. They named it Gelato.They got this idea from ancient Greek, Chinese and Arab.

The modern Ice-Cream was first made in the 16th Century in Italy. This Gelato became famous in Italy because the taste adds more mixing with good taste.

The people of Italy added the chocolate and vanilla flavours to the gelato. Chocolate is the first flavour in the invention of Ice-Cream.

Some of the ice creams will have eggs and some are not.

The flavours in Ice-Cream came by adding flour, water, buffalo milk, and camphor.

Chocolate became first flavour because of drinks like tea, coffee etc..

Vanilla is the second flavour done by cheese. Later, many other flavours came into use.

We also have an ice cream cones with an assortment of flavours. How did these cones come into use? Ernest Hamwi is the creator of cone. He used to serve the ice cream in cups. Once he got an idea of making cones. He made cones very flat and then he rolled them in a curve shape.


We need 12 pounds of milk for one gallon of ice cream.

● The Most popular ice cream is vanilla and then chocolate.

● New Zealand eats more ice creams when compared to other countries.

● Morning is the best time to have ice creams because it improves our mental performance.

● Females will eat 15 percent more ice cream when compared to men.

● According to many researches, We call " July" as "National Ice Cream Month".

● In ancient days, the cost of one ice cream is about 5000$.


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