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It was a cold and a dark evening, the city was crowded with people in the rain.

There was a person in a mask with a backpack and got covered in rain suit moving through those dimmed city lights as his eyes were searching for something he was aware of in that darkness.

At the other side of the building two huge trucks crashed onto the vehicles before and driving at lofty speeds as of police men chasing with bikes in that gloomy harsh rain. The thieves in the truck got a bio weapon from the Gotham biotech research laboratory that could harness huge amounts of chemical energy.

By knowing this, the person in raincoat vanished into the dark corners of the smoke-driven streets. After a moment at a sudden, lights flashed out of the smoke with a tremendous sound of the engine firing back and there comes the Batman with the bat vehicle across the street jetted at a tremendous speed appeared as he was chasing the truck.

Thieves mad a brilliant plan and jammed officer by leaving the other truck’s inside debris at a sudden and thieves transferred the bio weapon onto the main truck by linking two trucks one after the other by maintaining a uniform speed meanwhile there appeared the bat vehicle behind at the barricade running towards them in light.

By seeing it Thieves shouted “the batman had arrived’’ the linker got split between the trucks after the bio weapon got placed in the truck in front off. The thieves made the back truck flip onto the road by blowing it off. All the vehicles behind stopped at a sudden by crashing one another in a hurry and watching truck approaching them in flames, Batman shot the crane in front off and the crane holder got turned against the truck and the hook of the holder pierced into the truck coming before and the truck exploded in flames at a distance.

Batman turned his vehicle to the left of the road across the half constructed building floor elevate above the road and he traversed through it parallel to the road beside and he flew on to the blown out truck upper part by dashing out of the building glass and speed on the burning truck with rage, the bat vehicle got engine fired back with a blue flame burned in red. The bat vehicle flew at the edge of the truck by bursting out of flames.

The batman eyed on the thieves truck and hit it with a massive force and the back door of the truck opened and the bat vehicle gone through it. thieves shocked to see the bat vehicle disappeared batman came out and took the bio weapon and suddenly dashed the truck front side being inside of it.

The front side of the truck fragmented from the back and the truck led into the corn field beside. Bat vehicle came out of the back part of the truck and the thieves got injured with the truck fallen upside down by sliding across the field in pieces. Batman shouted one of the injured thief asking for what it was stolen and he replied he don’t know what the thing used for its all his boss orders that he followed. With this he went into the bat cave to do his research on what the thing was.

Days passed and it’s the time to make a press conference in the Wayne's office this evening after all being a batman its his time to turn into the Bruce Wayne for the company of his own. While he was in the car reaching to his company, he saw a short bright red light moving at a great speed and looked like a meteor passing through the clouds.

Wayne, after seeing that in the sky, quickly captured the thing and he kept moving forward through the fields filled with greenery in that sunset.

Here the questions are:-

1)What actually the BioWeapon is and what it is used for?

2)What did Wayne saw and captured?Is it a meteor or missile or plane or entity type in the sky?

To be continued.

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