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All of us like to eat Pizza. It really tastes awesome. Cheese Pizza is amazing. Junk foods like Pizza are not good for our health. But we love to eat Pizza, because it tastes amazing. How did Pizza get its taste? What components do we use for getting that taste in Pizza.

Whatever we are using it is just a blessing of our Ancestors. Like that, Pizza also had a long history.

The people of Romans, Greeks and Egyptians were first to prepare the pizza. They took a flatbread and cooked it in mud ovens. Later, the pizza topped up with the olive oil, mushrooms etc.. They call it Focaccia bread.


Pizza is just a dish made of a flatbread with some element on it. The idea of preparing the pizza starts from ancient times itself.

In ancient days, people ate flatbread what we are eating now. A city called Naples, is the reason for the creation of pizza. Naples is present in Italy. From the 16th century, the people of Latina used to sell pizza on road. In those days, pizza was the food of poor people.

In 1861, Italy became a country. Later, the king and queen of Italy, planned a tour for nearby cities. In 1889, they went to Naples. While they were passing all the streets, the aroma of pizza disturbed the queen. The pizza looks more delicious.

She ordered a special baked delicious pizza to RAFFAELE. This man thought of adding more components to the pizza to impress the queen.

To prepare a delicious pizza, he added chopped red tomatoes, white cheese and green brazil. If we have a brief look, the colours of items match the flag of Italy.

The queen loved that pizza so much and named him as "Father of Modern Pizza".

Later, the people of Italy took that pizza to Spain, France, England, and the US. Slowly this pizza became a famous dish around the world. The whole world came to know the taste of pizza.


After the modern pizza, many pizza shops came into use. But, after modern pizza, Domino's pizza became famous around the world.

Thomas full name is Thomas Stephen Monaghan, born in 1937, in the US. He had a brother called James. At the age of 5, Thomas father died to some disease. His mother cannot afford them to study. So, In 1943, his mother joined both of the brothers in an orphan.

As his father was not live, he was not grown. Once, he broke the rules of the orphan and got suspended. His aim is to become an army officer. In 1953, he joined marine cops and learned to be discipline for about three years. In 1959, he got moral credentials.

Later, to become an architect, he joined "Institute of Michigan". To continue his studies at institute, he need numerous money. For that, he look around 9000usd as a debt.

With that debt, he bought a small pizza. But he got loss in the business. He stopped his studies as an architect. Then, his brother sold 50 percent shares of his pizza shop to Thomas. Thomas took more debt and started three stores of pizza and named them Domino's Pizza. To increase the business profits, he started hand over the pizza to college students.

In one college, he saw a girl and loved her so much. On Valetine's day, specially he made a heart shape pizza and proposed to her. He got married to his loved ones. At once, he made a pizza box such that the box can take multiple pizzas.

He started his business in other cities and increased his profits. After some years, his main branch got fired. He got around 1.5 million USD. For this reason, he sold his business to a business man. After three years, he recovered all the loss and gained profits. His enemies started targeting and kept a petition in court. He lost around 7,80,000 million USD. But, the court responded positive towards Thomas. After many hurdles, he started his first outside shop in 1983, in Canada. Slowly, he business developed across the world. By 1990, he started around 1000 stores in foreign countries. In 1998, around 260 countries gained profits. In each country, he started around 5000 stores.

In 1998, he took a leave by selling 90 percent of his shares(1 billion USD). In this way, he succeeded in his business.

By 2020, he opened 17,000 stores across the world.


The U.S. people eat around 350 slices of pizza per day.

The minimum cost of the best pizza is 7,21,752 Indian rupees.

Pizza was not popular in the US until WW2.

Dogs also love "Heaven Scent pizza" made of flour, carrots.

According to Italy, eating a pizza once a week keeps the cancer away.


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