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The Clifton Chronicles is Jeffrey Archer's most ambitious work in four decadees as an international bestselling author.

New York in 1939.The tom bradshaw is arrested for first degree murder .

He stands accused of the killing of his brother.

When sefton jelks,a top Manhattan lawyer,offers his to services for

nothing,penniless Tom has little choice but to accept his assurance of a lighter sentences.

Afteer tom is tried,found guilty and sentenced,jelks disappears,and the only way for the him to prove his innocence wouls be to reveal his true identity.

Mean while,the young woman is question travels to New York,

leaving their son behind in england, having decided she'll do whatever it takes to find the man she was to marry -unwilling to belive that he died at sea.

The only proof she has is a letter.

A letter that has remained unopened on a mantelpiece in bristol for over a year.

In Jeffrey Archer's epic novel,family loyalties are streched to their limilts as secrets untravel,and the story moves from the backstreets of bristol to the boardrooms of manhattan.

join the great storyteller on a journey where there are no stop signs.

no cul-de-sacs and no dead ends

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