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Japanese patrician warriors, also known as SAMURAI, are the protectors of truth, justice and equation. In the period of 1500’s there lived a samurai named ODA NOBUNGA. He claims the most respect in the country of japan.

He is a strategist and also res-possible for peace and quiet in his country. Which is now a part of Aichi Prefecture.

After the death of his father in the year 1551, he united his clan members. He lay siege for the control of Warrior by the year 1559 and succeeded. He defeated Hi-roshima in 1560, he went to attack the Jino Province.

The Minimum o province is now known as Gifu Prefecture, which is in the southern part of Japan.

As the request made by As-hi-key-a As-hi-ka-ga, No-bung a then went to Kyoto.

He made As-hi-key-a the new shogun and tried to use him. Since he is the one who overthrew the former shogun from the city.

Bungalow held a greater power as his enemies started to coalesce against him.

Nobunga wiped out the opposing warrior monks of Mount Hien in the year 1571.

He besieged the castles of Nag a-shim a and Is-hi-ya-ma Hong-an-ii. He ended the As-hi-ka-ga shogunate by forcing him to go into exclaiming.

Bungalow tried to unite all of Japan by ending feudal wars that took place. Bungalow, established a federal and stable government as a sole dictator.

And he also established proper conditions that led to the complete uniting of japan. Meanwhile, Bungalow promoted a new system policy, where he abolished tolls on roads and guilds.

They are the privileged sources of income for this local dadaism. He strengthened his discipline forces and lay war against the mo-mo-nas-te-ries of Enrapture temple.

This sect had been an era-ad-di-tion-al power for both politics and religion.

As he captured a great number of manors and temple estates. He established his own personal samurai warriors and gave them the new states.

He gained a firm base in politics and e-co-no-mics of the country. As he established his stronghold in Kyoto, he extended his power.

As he helped them build a church in japan and a see-mi not at all in Bauchi.

In the spring of 1582, he conquered central Japan, brought half of Japan under a single domain. He also wanted to extend his power over western Japan.

By the June of 1582, while Nobunga was at the temple of Hon-no in Kyoto. Akechi Mitsuhide, his biggest rival, approached the temple with a great army and ambushed Bungalow.

While having no chance of escape, Bungalow committed ritual self-dis-dis-em-bow-el-ment and killed himself.

While Nobunga died a hero, he was also considered a walking avatar of evil. His history of violence proved him.

To be a freelance and some also call him a shogunate also known as Shogun. They placed strong warriors as their e-miseries who are also trained to be samurai.

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