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THE WORLD WAR 1:- Chapter 1

Does any know how world war one started and the reasons. World War one is simply pronounced as WW1. This is also called "The Great War", "The Global War".


Austria, a landlord country, rules the other countries around them. In that, Bosnia and Serbia were the main countries.

Once, the king of Austria with his wife went on a trip to Bosnia. In Bosnia, serbia-ns are also used to live. Serbia did not like the rule of Austria and got frustrated with their ruling. They begged for relief from Austria. One of them was against the rules of Austria.

Once, a Serbia killed the king and queen of Austria. Austria warned the Serbia people to handover the culprit within 24 hours. Serbia replied to Austria that it was not their mistake. But Austria did not believe. Then, Austria declared a war in 1914. This was the start of World War 1


World War one is really a conflict that started in Europe from 1914-1918.

The reason behind the WW1 is the murder of Austria king by Serbia. The king's name was Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

After the resolve of the war, Serbia took the support of Russia, France, England. Austria took a support of Germany.


The reasons for World War one are:

The main reasons are:

British has less empire and soldiers when compared to Germany. For many years, the British wanted to win the Germany in every aspect. Then England, which was the part of British took advantage of this issue, supported Serbia. This was the reason the British entered the war.

Before the war, Germany was affecting France for long time. They did not understand what to do at that time. Now, France also took advantage of this issue. In this war, Serbia got the support of France.

At that time, Russia and Serbia were good friends. Russians felt them as good friends and helped Serbians in all aspects. On 29th July, 1914, Russians supported the Serbians. Russia is the first country to support Serbia.

A king of Germany, Bismark was brilliant and cunning. Before the World War, he won many wars before. Germany made other countries against them. Once, he questioned himself what happens if other countries take revenge on them. He gathered other countries and kept a meeting secretly. His enemies took this as an advantage and attacked Germany at a time. In this World War, Italy supported Germany.

In this war, Central Powers were Austria, Germany, Italy. Allies are Serbia, Britain, France, Russia and other small countries.

The above picture shows the damage held during World War 1.


In this war, many soldiers lost their lives. Some countries lost freedom with this war. Around more than one crore people lost their lives in this war. Ninety million soldiers, 70 million citizens were dead. With this war, substantial and human capital completely reduced. Due to this war, many oceans affected. Also there was damage to the nature and surroundings.


After the time of world war, the British had the more citizens of 39.6 million.

Serbia : 5 million

France : 40 million

Russia : 164 million

Germany : 79 million

Austria : 51 million

Does anyone know weapons were in use during World War 1? If you do not know let me explain in Chapter 2.


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