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They will(devil) arrivepart 1

December 25th,Wednesday 6:45 P.M all the city really used to filled with full of colorful lights and sparkling in the sky.

However, this year the celebs are not happening due to heavy snow outside, whole city is covered with snow.

News reports are also saying that there perhaps a chance of occurring snowstorm.

People are advised to stay in their respective homes and celebrate this Christmas

Leo is the depressed guy with his mobile listening to songs with a hot coffee in his hand.

His little sister Mia eagerly waiting for one year for their parents back to their house for this Christmas.

After listening to the news Mia was saddened and she went back to her brother.

Leo commonly with a sigh expression on his face.

Keep on listening to songs and swiping his mobile.

Happy Mia also started to get bored and depressed as her parents were not there with them.

All this is because both were locked in the house for one year.

Food in their house is also empty.

It is the 666th time Leo called his parents every time none responded but this time it was switched off.

He made a phone call to his uncle Cooper and he responded as it was bad atmosphere outside. Cooper told Leo not to worry about the switched off response from their parents and he said he would provide food the next morning.

As normally a message appeared on Leo's mobile that he had received 65$from their friends for his household expenses.

It is really a great guilt to Leo that he is debt of 666$ to his friends.

Leo threw his mobile and he took his sister close to him and hugged and influenced her to be brave.

Poor Mia could not hold her hunger and started crying.

Watching that Leo recalled his promise he made to himself about Mia that is he should keep her happy.

He decided to go out to Cooper's house for food.

Until then he gave some milk and flakes to Mia. Leo started searching again for a way to outside but he could not find a way.But he found a crow bar and shovel.

He decided to break the backdoor. He did.

Leo advised Mia to stay in her room and he gave his mobile to Mia because it has bright torch light,internet quickness and limitless call in it. Whenever there is a power cut, Mia can able manage with that and call Leo back.

Leo took his old keypad mobile with him.He started his journey to Cooper's house.

It is really one hour passed since Leo left the house. Back room starts filling with snow.

Mia thought to open her room and wanted to see what was happening at the broken door.

Mia broke the rule and she is climbing down the stairs and power had gone.

It is so dark and not even a ray of light also there and nothing is visible to Mia.

She turned on the torch and she halted on stairs for a minute.

She started to go forward by climbing down one step Thus a big thud sound happened to hear to Mia.

She instantly rushed up to her room and locked her room.

She happened to hear a cry which was bit by bit increasing it's pitch.

Mia's heart is beating with a great speed and fear bit by bit increasing in her with the pitch of cry.

The time is 9:36P.M,no power,no light,mobile with 66% charge.Leo still did not returned home.Mia made a phone call to Leo,Leo is not responded.

The backroom is filled with snow.Mia's room also bit by bit becoming cold.

The cross on the Bible book which is in the backroom got inverted and froze.

To Be continued.


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