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We are the future of our own kind born well-informed and curious to know the secrets of the cosmos that kept questioning us.

Since we evolved on this planet as humans with ancestry of the Apes. We had a great life than any other living things on the planet as we are so advanced form of living, we developed applied science from the roots of the culture.

We all imagine something known to all of us “TIME”.

We move through it and question its existence and calculate in the duration of events. We began our quest to know what it really mean our consciousness led into the mystery of time.

Across the universe time wrapped across every cosmological event and it is revealed that its relative as a genius (Einstein) proved it to be.

We made many find on what the universe lies beneath its core of time. Our hope made us to make a possible way to know how our universe evolved and question how it would be in near future and what really it holds in all.

Speed of light stood as an answer to the questions related to time.

If one could travel at great speeds near to light speed, then time would slow down and make a way to the future.

The science states that there is no backwards in time.

As nothing can overcome the speed of light even cant exist to travel at the same speed that light has.

If travels beyond then it would turn back in time and may include several para-doxes in its way and our universe always consistent and wont commit any para doxes so it would be meaningless travelling beyond light speed ,if universe had a way to figure it out to travel beyond speed of light then it would into any form and it’s an unknown question.

Our consciousness dictates time. We are seeking applied science that is built with laws of physics to break the same laws of physics at all costs. If it did, then the law would be wrong and this happened several times in human history, and we are not sure what turn it takes on advanced science.

Our future culture could be more advanced and we may evolve as a new modified human out of prosthetics or as a genetic ally modified new hybrid species and one day there would be mutants with superscript ability ies. We may find thinking culture in the deep space with our advanced applied science or even collonise ourselves to distinct space surroundings or in planets we may become habitat to several planets as we change our internal biota and chemistry that built us to sustain on mother earth.

There is also a possible chance to maintain ourselves in a system like super-computers or quantum computers.

Where there would be no living bodies just a brain or the consciousness that is embedded into static machines with data of memo that we had and the system form a network among other human systems or servers and form a meta verse a whole new digital world.

This would probably define death and therefore there would be no death for a conscious system or a small scale device acting as a person's life.

We will become a machine and or a chip sized nano second performance.

That would make us to convey in bits of data with other people who are beside as a same chip as us.

It may lead to digital life or our consciousness in a tiny nano applied science.

There could be even simplest and advanced form of life where we all transform into packets of energy with consciousness and memory of our own.

“This is all fiction for now but as days pass into truth of possibleness every fiction becomes a realness one day”

Humans tend to think of why they hold a place in this universe and what drives all this stuff and the question of weather god exists might cease to be exist one day as every one knows that human is ultimate form of consciousness or any other advanced alien culture could be if found.

If humans create a time machine in the future that could take one to many years back,

If took oneself into the time of the big bang then would might create a bootstrap paradox.

As this illustrates an other idea logy of question that is our universe a bootstrap ?

Such that it would loop one day to big bang again.

Due to our action of traveling back in time as it changes course of events in big bang.

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