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Tom and Jerry

Did we ever realise that it had been 82 years since the original version of the famous series Tom and Jerry was released?

Yes, you heard it right!

Tom and Jerry, an american animated short duration series of a cat named tom and mouse named jerry was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

It was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, famously known as MGM. Remember the lion roaring out of the logo before the show? Nostalgic right?

It has been a precious part of everyone's childhood and we cannot have imagined a day without watching Tom and Jerry.

The original series of this cartoon just consists of 161 episodes, later due to its huge response, new versions of this cartoon have been adapted and released by various global networks.

WB (Warner brothers), HBO networks have been broadcasting this american show worldwide.

There were a lot of new adaptions to the original series like Tom&Jerry Kids, Tom&Jerry Show and more. Also there were a lot of Tom&Jerry movies made later on.

Tom&Jerry was the richest show until the 1980's which was later surpassed by Walt Disney movies.

Tom&Jerry has later on started appearing on TV stations such as Cartoon network, TNT, The WB, HBO, TBS and others.

Tom&Jerry actually was made out of the idea of never ending "cat and mouse" fights.

Tom&Jerry has also appeared in the form of comic books. It was quite popular in countries like the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden and also European countries.

Also there were few adaptions of video games from this cartoon.

We loved Tom&Jerry like nothing else.Though it was the same cat and mouse chase and fight all the time we enjoyed it every time as if it was new.

Tom&Jerry might chase each other and fight all the time but they proved us that they cannot be separated from each other.

Later, they became a perfect example of good companionship by not leaving each other side though they always fight with each other.

There is no Tom without Jerry, either way there is no Jerry without Tom.

In this era of give and take, let us value our friendships like Tom&Jerry.

Even if we Fight with each other, never leaving each other's side.


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