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The very first line you remember when you think of toothpaste is..

"Does your toothpaste have salt in it?"

This has become so popular through advertisements, that it has invaded the minds of people and if you have to buy, you ask for Colgate instead of asking for a toothpaste.

What is toothpaste?

Toothpaste is not just some yummy paste like substance we use to brush out teeth everyday.

As we know, Toothpaste is used to maintain good dental health.

It is used to prevent cavities which form from the residue of the food,

It removes bad odour from our mouth,

Maintains gum health,

Removes dental plague.

Before toothpastes were made, people used to use powders made from animal ashes, coal, chalk powders and other mineral stone powders.

Hands were the only medium before tooth brushes were made.

People used old pieces of clothes or neem twigs which are termed as old tooth brushes to use tooth powders.

In the 18th century different homemade recipes were used to make toothpastes.

Later in 1873, The Colgate company started manufacturing toothpastes.

From the 19th century, Toothpastes and Toothbrushes became popular and later came into regular use.

Toothpastes contain

  • water

  • abrasives (like calcium) components

  • fluoride (sodium fluoride) components

  • binders (CMC, gums)

  • anti-bacterial agents (triclosan, zinc chloride)

  • artificial flavouring agents

  • glycerol

  • xylitol

and other chemical components. So having salt in your toothpaste is not a mandatory option as it does not serve any extra benefit to your teeth.

Dental doctors recommend brushing twice a day to maintain good dental health and hygiene.

Research on Toothpastes did not show any bad effects on health.

However, children below the age of 6-8 if consume toothpaste in large amounts might show bad effects on the stomach. Adult supervision is needed to avoid any problems for kids while using them.

Fun facts

  • Want your old silver items to shine back as new? Use a pinch of toothpaste to rub on them and wash with water.

  • Dirty sneakers? Apply toothpaste with an old piece of cloth and rub all over the shoe and wash away with water. No dirt or stains!

  • Crayon designs on walls? Toothpaste removes them just without peeling off your wall paint.

  • Smelly water bottles? Toothpaste and water.. shake and shake it up and wash. No more odd smell from your water bottles.

  • Bad smelling hands and no hand-wash? Use some toothpaste to rub off your hands and wash. No more fishy smell from your hands.

  • Fogged car windows and head lights? Apply a teeny bit of toothpaste all over them with a piece of cloth and wash them off with water. No more fogged windows, lights and screens.

There are a wide variety of toothpastes used to treat various kinds of dental issues like- Sensitivity, bleeding gums, cavities etc.

Consult a dentist nearby and use a proper toothpaste according to their suggestion or your taste.

Good dental health leads to good gut and digestive system.

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