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It was raining outside the condensed window and in the chilled weather a middle school teenage boy sat with a warm coffee placed on the wooden desk, thinking of an unknown thing in the woods that he saw yesterday evening while cycling in the cloudburst heading home from late evening school.

The boy couldn’t define what the figure really is in the gloomy swamped woods beside his path filled with leaf debris.

He put off thinking about it and started repairing the tap on the sink above.

After repairing it he ate the pizza that he brought outside in the new restaurant opened today.

It tasted a little affected, he turned on the geyser and he pleasantly moved into the bathroom into the bathtub, he hung his clothes beside the door and he sat in the tub of warm shower with body pains relaxed from the restless school assessment and project work since this morning onwards. While soaking in the tub,

the warm vapor filled up the room and condensed on the rough glass door all over.

In the gloomy foggy vapor he saw a shadowy figure stalking from outside the glass while he was staring at the glass unknowingly in the sound of the shower suddenly heard a thud sound from outside.

He came out of the bathroom and saw clothes slipped from the door onto the desk beside.

After being dressed took the delicious dinner and he moved into the hall with a glass of grape juice sipping while reading the book.

In his comfort.

The unknown figure got reminded several times, step by step he dragged to sleep placing the book aside open on the table unwillingly.

He took a reluctant break from the thought of seeing that mystical thing and laid down on the front sofa of the hall in the quiet atmosphere of calm outside rain.

He slept slowly.

He felt something very disturbing and visions of the abandoned ruined house appearing before him and at a sudden a dark figure appeared in the woods staring at him.

He pushed out of sleep and looked around in anxious,

the room walls illuminating with lightning at moments and curtains raising as windows shattering slowly with downpour started at midnight.

He stood up and he passed into the kitchen and saw water spilled on the floor from the tilted bottle he lifted it up drinking heard a walking sound from the upstairs placing the glass aside he came before the stairs illuminating in light at moments with thunder sound slowly piercing in his ears being spooked up he walked on dark stairs with wet feet slippery feet in balance and saw his rooms door opened he slowly moved with a spooked up heart and on his turn into room it suddenly closed knocking itself tight,

he slowly turned the door handle with wet hand and opened to watch inside,

he saw his paintings fallen on the desk randomly from canvas board and photos on the walls slide aside towards a dark corner with hand and foot marks dusted in reddish-black on the walls.

He was scared to listen crackling sound from that corner,

in a lightning flare he saw pendulum balls on the desk beside the bed striking one another in motion regardless of his touch and saw his framed photo on the bed that had fallen somehow from the wall.

Suddenly in the thunder sound heard another sound from the hall down which resembled the sound heard in the bathroom,

from the room he came out to see and the lights put off slowly towards him from the hall to the stairs at his standing,

he slowly walked down the stairs in the darkness, moving down on stairs by holding.

In the lightning flare his eyes shocked and heart pumped to see a sudden gloomy entity appeared in the moving chair staring at him and it disappeared now as the chair pushed near him with force,

he feared back and suddenly slipped on his wet feet and hit the stair holder back and fell on the ground unconscious.


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