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Why Batman-Ark-ham origins is popular?

I personally really love this game sure it has its flaws but it’s still a great game that I love playing.

Story - Batman:Ark-ham origins might have my favorite story in the franchise.

It tells a story of a young Bruce Wayne and Batman dealing with all the assassins.

That are after him and dealing with the joker at the same time and you can tell it’s getting to his head.

This game might have the best interactions between Alfred and Bruce.

As you can tell Alfred really cares for Bruce and doesn’t want him to be killed by any of the assassins and Bruce never listens and does what he thinks needs to be done.

The story has good consistence and never drags or moves to fast and stays at a nice smooth pace.

Characters - I’m not going to talk about Batman because I’ve spoken about him in story but let’s start with the Joker, this version of joker is a younger joker so this his first time meeting.

Batman and at start he wants him killed and out of the way but then he recognize he needs Batman and isn’t complete without him and I love this version of joker he’s so crazy and wants to get in Batman’s head all the time.

Then let’s talk about bane who is freaking fantastic in this game, favorite version of bane in Batman video game history.

This is before He becomes a massive brute, so hes a smart freelance who can beat up Batman and his boss fights are insanely perfect.

Other characters like firefly, death stroke, Shiva, copperhead, dead-shot and electrocution er are all fine but weren’t big big characters in the game .

It is like they could of been used better, especially the electrocution er who I thought was in the game for no reason.

Just for Batman to get his electric gloves, boss fights were brilliant in this game and it has the best boss fights in the Ark-ham franchise.

Graphics - graphics are perfect in this game as the cut scenes felt very cinematic and outside world graphics like Gotham were good-looking as-well

Voice acting - roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker were replacing for Kevin convoy and mark Hamill as Batman and Joker.

I thought both voice actors were really good in this game, you could really tell that their younger versions of Ark-ham asylum and Ark-ham city’s Batman and joker and Troy baker is in so much stuff now.

It’s insane and everyone else was good but Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker overshadow the whole voice cast but Nolan North was really good as penguin tho.

Gameplay - smooth but nothing groundbreaking same of the stuff as before but you already have some of the skills like inverted takedowns and grappling on buildings and fly off when you press x for you,quite a few glitches which I thought were annoying but it happens in games

I did really like the bat suit even though it was armored and I’m pretty sure Bruce wouldn’t have an armored bat-suit in his early days.

You would think it would be spandex first then armored bat-suite but whatever I still enjoy it.

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