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Why Money-Heist web-series are most recommended to watch?

Money heist, the best TV show I've watched so far it deals with mind games and strategies which makes you awestruck. If you're an ambient fan of robbers and like watching heists, then this is a must watch. You'll never feel bored while bringing on it. What's exciting is the blend of mind games and emotions one could have. your data and emotions don't go hand in hand which is pottered in the best possible manner. I would in spades recommend you to watch it and it'll leave you with the best undergo.

It gets better and better and BETTER.

It is a very well-made show with writing at its peak, the character growth is fantastically detailed and yet so subtle because you won't get to know their real names

The twists are epic, the plots are believable and the acting of the heist gang members is so REAL.

It is believable and incredible at the same time, the series looks realistic.

It is by far one of the best paced shows, I've seen.

The strategies and Plans used by Professor gave me multiple goosebumps. The best part of Money heist is that the Professor has everything worked out in advance. Whenever the gang members face any situation, the scene goes back to the classroom where the Professor explains on what can be done. Nobody could have played the better Professor. And you will fall in love with every character. I just love Berlin. He is the mastermind and he's theory and thoughts will make fall in love with him. And when he said " I will die with dignity " you will love him. He is an art. And of course our beloved Professor, He is just awesome throughout.

Its performance is so good and the writer has well played with the user's mind that you will hate all every person automatically who tries to intervene or stop them in the performance of their plans. Even though you know they are the robbers but still you will pity them, you will feel for them. This is what the writer wanted. The Writer has done an amazing job. Hats off.

Money Heist subtly places brilliant music in every season. Be it Bella Ciao or Maria in the previous seasons.And won everybody's heart.Adds yet another track to your playlist. We all loved it when the professor and Berlin both sang bell a ciao together!.

Watched season 5 vol 2. just now and I am literally awestruck as how can someone make a series like this. It's incredible, indeed it is the biggest heist in history. Vol 2 every episode was like now they are gone.. But I have tell you those are going to watch you won't expect what happened in the last U would have never imagined. It's a must watch. Won't give spoilers because I don't wanna ruin the upheaval the infinite emotions that will run through your body while watching the last season..!!!

Moreover, Berlin and Professor Period was extremely powerful and touchy. ❤


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