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World Physical Therapy day

Physical therapy, popularly known as Physio therapy, is widely known for its medical therapy for various kinds of medical issues.

Physical Therapy (PT) is a health profession which is practised by Physical Therapists to maintain health, restore health and other diagnosis.

Physiotherapy is done through physical exercises and other forms of treatment.

There would not be any medicine prescribed in this medical diagnosis format.

On the occasion of World Physical Therapy day, which is observed on 8th of September every year, let us have a brief blog about PT today.

Benefits of Physiotherapy (PT)

Are there really any benefits of physiotherapy?

The answer is an absolute yes!

Let us look into what it is and the benefits of it.

  • PT is a way of treatment which includes massages, exercises, heat therapy and other forms.

  • Patients of all ages, from kids to adults, can be treated.

Who will perform PT?

  • People with a doctoral level education in PT course are called physical therapists.

  • They teach patients how to move safely.

  • They study about every bone, muscle and nerve in the human body and help them heal.

  • They perform massages.

  • They guide patients through their treatment.

  • They help patients to perform exercises.

  • They provide therapy manually and also through machines.

  • With their techniques, they help in more relaxation and movement in the affected areas.

When is PT used?

Certain types of Medical conditions can be treated through PT.

  • Heart conditions.

  • Lung conditions.

  • Nerve conditions.

  • Bone health conditions.

  • Health issues caused due to old age.

  • Health issues which are present from the birth. Like unable to walk or other serious conditions.

  • Sports Injuries.

Brief History

  • The history of PT states back from the early 18th century.

  • It was actually started by treating the athletes after their national games.

  • From 1887, PT was given its official registration and later nurses were trained to do PT for athletes in different countries too.

  • Later in 1913 and 1914 universities in US and other western countries started teaching PT officially and provided degree certifications to it.

The rate of awareness about PT has been increasing day-by-day.

Also, PT treatment has a good recovery rate.

It has been found that there are no side effects from PT.

Guidance plays a key role in PT.

Patients slowly tend to enjoy PT sessions more as they get used to them.

Let us take a moment and thank PT doctors as they are directly involved in treating patients and all their issues.


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