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WORLD WAR 1:- Chapter 2

In chapter 1, we understood World War one and the reason behind that war. Also discussed which countries started the war and how it spread all over the world. But what did that much damage in World War 1, that is weapons.

A person named Hiam Maxim, whites, invented the first weapon. He invented a machine gun which was mostly useful in the WW1. Later, with his stirring, other countries started inventing new types of weapons. Those are:

  1. Rifles.

  2. Flame-throws.

  3. Mortars.

  4. Big guns.

  5. Poison gas.

  6. Tanks.

  7. Aircraft.

  8. Submarines.

The above listed are the weapons. It is a waste of time discussing all the weapons used in WW1. We will discuss the powerful weapons that left more damage in WW1. They are Rifle, Tanks, Poison gas, Submarines, Big guns, Flame throws.


The rifle is not the first weapon used. But it is the weapon that left more damage in WW1. In the 15th century, rifle was one of the guns used in WW1. It ranges from a 2280m maximum.


In September 1916, Tanks were first used by the British. The tanks used in WW1 weigh 16 tons. These tanks travel 3.2kmph and 8m long. Mark IV is the first tank used. We may not know that they win the war with this war. But in spades they used these tanks in WW1.

Poison gas:

Some of the poison gases are Chlorine, Phosphine and a mustard gas. These gases were poisons that killed many people in WW1. These gases attack the opponent's skin and affect the parts of the whole body. By this way, the Allies won the war.


In WW1, Submarines helped them a lot. With the help of these submarines, the Allies attacked the enemy ships. With this weapon, around 15,000 people were dead. These submarines helped the army to attack the enemies from under water. A submarine can stay submerged for over two hours.

Big guns:

These guns are different from the rifles and most powerful weapons. These guns were first used in german. Big guns, destroy the enemy trenches. This weapon supported the Allies from the enemies.


The first flame-throw, in 1915, was in use. Germany used this weapon to protect themselves from the enemies. This was the most feared weapon in the WW1.

In WW1, there was a loss for four empires such as German, Austrio, Ottoman, Romanov. Many people lost their lives during WW1. In this war, there was also a property loss in France.

Forest laid waste - 1857

Farmland laid waste - 8000

House destroyed - 300,000

Factories destroyed - 6000

Schools destroyed - 1500

Churches destroyed - 1200

Livestock - 1,300,000

In this way, there were many loss in other countries too. In Yangtze, there were more river floods in the WW1. This also led to earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes. In this attack, avalanches are one of the disasters.

This World War 1, left an awful situation. There was more loss to the properties, and the solider.


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